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Persuasion and influencing consumers attitude Essay

For our design of the communication, we are going to shape service providers’ behavior through a message in which they will receive negative outcome when they are unfriendly with visitors. Furthermore, refer to some advertisements or TV commercials which are teaching people to be friendly with others, most of them are using people to deliver the message, using expressional eggs representing people face will be considered easier to draw people’s attention on our communication at the very beginning, using eggs instead of people will also be considered more cost saving since our communication is promoting a good attitude but not a product to consumer, there will not be any return on its own.

The idea of the video is using the friendly face eggs and unfriendly face eggs to represent the good service quality and bad service quality of the service providers. In the video, people choose all friendly face eggs and remain all the unfriendly one, this action can show that nowadays, there are a lot of choices for consumers and tourists, they can choose what they prefer. Everyone would like to choose the one with good service quality such as nice, amicable, hospitable and with a smile.

On the other hand, no one would choose the one with bad service quality such as rude, impolite, coldness and prejudice, etc. Finally, those unfriendly face eggs (bad service quality) will be abandoned. Since Macau is a tourism destination, the service quality will directly affect the image and reputation of Macau, so this can carry out a message that if Macau doesn’t provide good service quality to the tourists, Macau will like the unfriendly face eggs which there are no one to choose. And at the end no one will come to Macau because of the bad service quality.

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Besides, we took the video just using a few shots which is more simply and easier to understand and remember the message. The broken eggs as outcome of the idea can be more directly to represent what no one will choose and people want to throw out. The video can clearly, simply to carry out the message which unfriendly service provided in Macau service industry is equal to those broken eggs that people will abandon so that no one feel interest to choose Macau to travel, so that it can educate people to be friendly .

Therefore, it is the most effective way to carry out the message and deliver better service in Macau. There are some learning and memory theories have been applied for designing and creating the video and also how it influences the audience’s behavior. The explanation shows as show. Learning The instrumental learning (operant conditioning) will be applied. In the video, through showing the eggs which representing the service providers with different attitude which is being friendly and unfriendly that causes different outcomes aims to influence the behavior and the service quality of service providers.

In this theory, we know that we can teach someone something by systematically rewarding for desired behaviors. We are sending a message and teach the service providers to be friendly through using the video, show them that being friendly is always appreciated as a reward like the friendly face eggs always being chosen, in this case, being friendly will be the desired behavior, and the punishment is being unfriendly will not be chosen like the unfriendly face eggs being abandoned and throw away. As a result, the behaviors of audience can be influenced and changed by watching and learning from the video.

Memory Memory is the stage that let the audience to get the information and message from the video, store it, and then retrieve it when they serve the customers. The memory system will be used to explain: Sensory memory is watching the video. Attention (semantic memory) which is the slogan “unfriendly service, no one will choose” is simple and easy to remember. Short-term memory is a process that converting the information and message. Elaborative rehearsal is a stage that transferring the message to long-term memory. The meaning of the video is the outcome of being friendly and unfriendly.

Long-term memory is the audience able to remember and store the message. Promotion For communicate channel aspect, we intend to promote the communication through TDM, social media such as Facebook, and universities in Macau to deliver the message for people to see what they should learn. TDM is a channel which Macau residents watch news report frequently, and the communication will be played during commercial time, Facebook is one of the social media which shares information fast, and cover different hierarchies of people.

Since the communication is used for educational purpose, we also played it on universities such as IFT, IPM and UM, because some undergraduates will become service providers soon. Above channels are effective to deliver the communication for people to learn. For finance aspect, base on the communication is used for educational purpose, not for commercial use, MGTO and tourism industries will be asked to sponsor the communication. Moreover, the cost of the communication is low since we make it only with eggs, so it doesn’t charge much.

Test of the communication We have asked some of our friends to watch this video. After they have watched the video, most of them can get the message which we want to deliver. Also, they think that the way we delivered is very creative and innovative as well as easy to remember. Besides, they also learned that unfriendly service will cause to be abandoned, they need to provide friendly service for visitors if they want Macau tourism industry to be successfully.

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