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Personal Statement Essay

The doors of the boat flung open. An eruption of bullets came whizzing through the air, stopping still in their tracks as they submerged into our troops’ chests. Blasts were booming everywhere. There was no escape from these aquatic tanks so the rest of us decided to scramble over the side and rushed to rip off our ammunition before we would sink to our crude death. I am very, very lucky that I am quite fast when it comes to getting changed. Although, my best friend, Joe, he is not so fast. That moment I saw him suddenly stop, it felt like a bullet had hit me right in my heart. My head was throbbing. Then I thought to myself, “right, them Germans are going to pay for this!” Anger and frustration was all I felt.

I charged up the beach screaming my head off. I jumped down into a ditch. I noticed five of my troops all collapse to the floor, side-by-side as an army of bullets went sailing across their faces. My squadron was dropping like flies, arms being thrown into the air by force of an angry grenade, men burning by fierce flamethrowers. This was totally horrendous, I really found it hard to believe that people actually came here to enjoy a fun day out with buckets and spades, and here we are shooting and killing each other. I really did not see the need of it.

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Shrapnel was slashing soldiers into many pieces. Screaming could be heard for mile around. Intestines and body parts lying around on the floor as though it was litter a selfish child had dropped and not cared. “Right” I thought lividly, “It’s just over the hill, I will make it! One… two… threee!” I charged without a thought in my mind as thoughts affect performance, especially when you are running for you’re life. Dodging bullets, grenades and flames, I sprinted up the hill, my feet sinking in to the marshy, bloody sand, my wet, heavy uniform dragging me down, it was like dragging six other people up there with me. Tiredness suddenly hit me and I collapsed to the floor. Luckily I was just out of site of the fierce, firing foreigners.

Once again, I looked back on where I had covered. This was a dream, only, it wasn’t a dream… It was a nasty nightmare. Dead fish washed up the beach and so was hundreds of bodies, sprawled out everywhere like a yawning cat. Motionless, only the slight twitching of the waves hitting the side of them, knocking them slightly, just as a dog does when it wakes up it’s owner from a deep sleep.

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