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Perfect Surrounding Essay

Cities on a Saturday are always interesting and energetic places: packed with people, roads filled with cars full of the hurry and activities of city life. And Bristol is no exclusion. I was born nearby so I can speak from own knowledge. So given that my family and me moved to London, I’ve visited Bristol every Saturday. To visit the ideal environment when life got too demanding or easier said than done. This place will guarantee a fresh start for you whatever the circumstances, at whatever time. And as my Father said, “Those who are kind, truthful, and devoted are Welcome”

But something was different last Saturday. There were twice as much people, much more cars and much more hurry. Well, going to Bristol is suppose to be thirty minutes on a bus with other buses coming every now and then to avoid overcrowded buses at least that’s what I thought. It was completely different except the fact that I’d felt the typical breezy five minutes. But the journey had taken me over two hours, and what’s more I had no other choice but to take a seat face to face with an enormous, just coming out of prison offender, who was completely tattooed.

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This obviously put me in a rather uncomfortable position, But as my father said “Never judge a person by what went before” Everything else was common, such as the drivers deliberately switching every stop, and you know what it’s like about this and that, and x-factor had been pretty crazy last night, so that kept me busy for a while. But have you ever-experienced being on a bus, which was hot, packed and moving at a snail’s pace through traffic?

Along with the dreadful stink that I smelled which was a mixture of female fragrance, cigarettes, men body odor and carbon dioxide do you realize what that smells like? Anyway, looking out of my window to see what was going on the Bristol roads, which was after cleaning of the mist and vapor, which was caused by the overcrowded people. Only seeing that scrapping knees with the convict and staring at his sleepless eyes, inhaling the polluted air, finally came to an end I was there, the land which was trouble-free.

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