Parents Should Not Decide To Baptise Babies But Should Wait Untill They Are Old Enough To Decide For Themselves - Assignment Example

This statement is telling us that the parents should not decide to baptize the child as an infant but wait till it grows up and can understand, this is the viewpoint of the Pentecostals and the Baptists however the Roman Catholics and Anglicans have another opinion that the parents decides to baptise the baby at birth in this section I will explain the two opinions and my opinion on which is best.

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One denomination that choose to baptise babies soon after birth are the Roman Catholics they believe that it is important to baptise infants because they believe when infants are born they are born with original sin from Adam and Eve.

So baptism cleans the original sin and the infants start a new life.

Also Roman Catholics have other beliefs about baptism one of their beliefs is to baptise infants as an introduction to god to show its faith anther belief is that baptism is way of welcoming a infant into the community another belief is that Jesus never told them to either baptise infants or as adults they believe Jesus told Christians baptise all my followers this means infants and adults too

The last belief is that the parent’s responsibility and duty to choose a religion for the baby they are Christian they might wish their child to be brought up a Christian too

But the Baptists disagree Baptist only baptise adults. They believe that choice of baptism should be by someone who understands a baby can not make the commitment

Anther belief is that Jesus was baptised at an adult and set that example that all Christians shall do the same

Anther belief is that a follower must understand a baby cannot understand and also it means more as an adult but Baptists still have a birth ceremony but it is not a baptism and they also do not believe in original sin.

Some Christian s do not get baptised at all ,the society of friends Quakers believe that you do not need to get baptised baptism doesn’t make you a Christian or right with god its is only a symbolic act with no power to save you.

Having looked at 2 denominations with different viewpoint I have come up with the conclusion that baptising as an adult is the right way and I agree with the statement.

I think the statement is correct because if I was a Christian I would like to be baptized as an adult because I would have greater understanding and am responsible for my own religion .having looked at the Baptists at grate detail I have found out that it makes great sense to me why they believe what they believe. They believe that choice of baptism should be by someone who understands a baby can not make the commitment.