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Parallel array structure Essay

An array is a combined data structure that is made to keep grouped objects that are similar to one another or different. The IT department in the drug company should enter the data collected into its database. This is because the array structure has many disadvantages especially where data is not grouped or where large amount of data is not involved. The following are some of the disadvantages of using array structure; to start with, if a data entry is added or removed from an array based list; data needs to be shifted to update the list.

Another disadvantage is that an array is a static structure and this means that array is of a fixed size. The memory that is allocated to array can not be increased or reduced. In addition, since array is of a fixed size, if we allocate more memory than required then the memory state will be wasted (Jacob & Wang, 2008). And if we allocate less memory than required then it will create problem. Furthermore, the elements of array are stored in successive locations of memory such that inserting and deleting data is quite difficult and time consuming.

A database is a collection of related fields grouped into records. Records are used to represent all the information pertaining to one person, place, topic or thing. Database has got a lot of advantages compared to array structure. First it is applicable to many different types of problem solving like data collection, analysis and manipulation and determining relationships between data. Second it is fast and efficient to access data (Silvoia & Terhaar, 2014). Third it saves time when data must be located, updated and retrieved and fourth security is available through protected copies and passwords in many database packages. Because database has many advantages as compared to arrays, the drug company should enter the collected data into its database.


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