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Organizational Management and Leadership Assignment

Olivier Mesly is a professor of marketing at the University if Quebec in Outaouais and he was curious between the effects of autocratic managers and democratic mangers. In this article he studies the effects of an autocratic manager by investigating the relationship between a musical director and his musicians. Mesly takes the findings and compares it to that of the business world. Mesly comes to the conclusion that an autocratic manager is a predator to his followers and typically has low self-esteem.

Since the leader has low self-esteem and his leadership style doesn’t promote positive energy in the group, Mesly theorizes that this leads to neither side trusting one another and thus being less effective than they could be. Mesly sums this up by comparing the relationship to a tug of war where both sides have frustration, unease and suspicion. Mesly theorizes that even though the relationship may work for a while and produce a good outcome, in this case a good concert, eventually there will be too much predator-prey dynamic and it will leak out and be bad when it does.

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Discussion: This article is really enlightening on the way autocratic managers affect their subordinates. I was always under the impression that even though an autocratic leader may be frustrating, they are at least very effective. This article shows that they can be for a while but it brings into perspective the underlying prey-predator relationship between the autocratic manager and his subordinates and how that can tear apart the group.

I never had really taken this psychological view into this managing style but Mesly was able to bring this to my attention. Good communication can enhance cooperation, which is vital in management. A good manager is able to bring out the best in his subordinates and encourage them to cooperate while making sure they are efficient. Autocratic managers make decisions and relay them to their followers and don’t allow feedback. There is improper communication with autocratic managers.

This improper communication hurts cooperation and cooperation is vital to a business. A business needs great communication between managers and subordinates in order to thrive and autocratic managers prevent that cooperation. Mesly is able to show this in his investigation by highlighting the feelings of frustration and suspicion between the managers and followers. These feelings disrupt communication and overall effectiveness( Mesly,2011).

This study was able to show how important it is to be open and able to connect to your followers emotionally as a manager. I believe that Mesly’s findings are really important and should be considered when one is in a managerial role. Being diplomatic and engaging with your followers and seeing what their needs are seems to be a far more effective way of managing than the autocratic manager. I can think of so many great Bible verses that teach us how to be great leaders and all of them steer away from autocratic managing.

Proverbs 29:2 says, “When the righteous increase, the people rejoice, But when a wicked man rules, people groan. ” I think this verse fits because if we are being righteous like God calls us to be then we would know to serve our followers by asking their opinions, opening the doors of communication, caring about their well-being and being diplomatic in the way we lead. If a wicked man is in leadership and doesn’t do these things and instead manages the way he wants and doesn’t include his followers then the people will be angry.

I also think the perfect verse for this key term is Matthew 20:27-28 which states, “and whoever wants to be first must be your slave just as the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. ” I believe as Christians we should lead with Servant Leadership. We should serve those who are under us not only just so that the business may flourish or so that we can maximize efficiency, cooperation and production but because we are called to do so by God. We are called to be servants in this world and I believe that if all managers served those who serve them then blessings would be upon them.

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