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Organization Behavior Assignment

My first class of Organizational Behavior left me clueless I had expected to have an analytical analysis of corporates and organizations but as the classes passed by I realized that Organization behavior is a little more than how Organization’s behave, it also includes how “I” behave and how I have to be resilient to certain conditions or situations. A list of moving exercises during the lectures made me aware of myself, of those things which I completely ignored. As an Information Technology person I thought Technical skills are one which must be 80% of a human and rest 20% should be soft skills.

The Organizational Behavior classes wronged me and I realized how I must have a paradigm shift of 80% to 20% in Technical skills and rest 80% in Behavioral skills. Only now I realized that knowledge is not of appropriate use if not presented in a correct way and without talking a holistic approach. My biggest take away from the classes is the increase in my confidence. Now I know after leaving Great Lakes when I enter corporate war zone I will be having a development plan to weigh my emotions and other’s responses and evaluate situations accordingly.

Though I realize that situational learning is different from learning that comes by reading, and I might behave differently in certain situations; but now I that I have started to know myself, I have enough time to polish myself and learn more of the behavioral patterns before going out in the real world. There are a number of things which I discovered about myself and I have started noting them down so as to improve on them. Below I mentioned some of them which I related with the chapter on Positive Organizational Behavior and Psychological Capital.

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Resiliency is one thing that I lacked and I didn’t realize it until I was made to think about it in class. I had the attitude of “I am like this only and you have to accept me the way I am”. But the lecturer made me rethink and introspect that I must be adaptable and that’s not difficult, a little of momentum is needed in myself. I hope that over the time I will develop my competency as I interact with people and with environment that is continuously changing, uncertain and challenging. This course has in fact made me believe that the things that I used to run form are not scary enough.

I might be not perfect in carrying them but I am not incompetent in performing them. I always used to be feared in sending mails to mass, though I know I am good at writing but something stopped me every time I tried to write a mail to the class, I always needed some sort assistance or a correction but now I have started giving it a different perspective and realized it is not that difficult. There must be certain positive constructs in myself to be a good leader. Thus, I have to develop over my resiliency, hope, optimism and efficacy.

In order to develop and enhance on these traits I have to take on challenges and define goals, this will teach me to overcome obstacles and hence taking things positively and accepting defeats. What I have learnt form the classes is Experiencing positive emotions is a necessary part of human behavior and it opens up heart and mind and thus developing new skills, relationships and knowledge. I have already started following this path and can see the change, now I do not restrict myself and let the emotions flow.

I can feel how positively it is affecting me and making me understand myself. Learning from the Organization behavior course is the importance of “Positive Psychology”. It has a huge intensity when related with work performance improvement. I as a leader will make sure there is adequate flow of positive energy around me and my resources as I am aware how critical effective positive intentions are when related to work performance. I am willing to pursue HR from Great Lakes thus from organizational perspective I want my Human Capital to be contended and confident.

Now that I know that Self Efficacy is a behavior that is trait like I will ensure adequate training is given to my company’s employees in order to enhance their social, technical, presentation, verbal, writing and other skills. The effect of Self Efficacy will also lead me to make choices in recruitment decisions. Although it will not be the only decisional criteria but it has a stronger magnitude to measure the level of difficulty a person can handle if she believes in herself.

Belief in self-ability makes a person less vulnerable to in job conditions that aren’t always supportive. Besides self-efficacy, optimism is also very essential for higher job performance. People with “Half Full” attitude make attributions of personal failures as temporary and not as a personal incompetency. I will look for people with high optimism and thus higher passion excitement and energy and thus those who enjoy life. There are a number of things which I will instill in my Human Resources.

I will provide training for them to practice gratitude, cultivate optimism, have social connections, and manage trauma as well as training to develop strategies for coping difficult times. Commitment to goals is of utmost importance as once we have achieved them it instills in us a confidence and urge to perform better. Effectively completing tasks also increases self-confidence and efficacy and thus will help boosting morale of people in work environment. Having an understanding of my own emotions and a power to control them is one factor I have to learn and I think that is a lifelong process.

The more I have control over how I react the more promising my results would be. The power of just a realization of anger, happiness, or other such traits will let me know how much quantity of them I must express and in what situations. If things go wrong I must have the capability to accept the failure, react in a positive way such that my team gets motivation of doing work with an increased performance and greater efforts and hence resulting in exceptional performance.

Living in the present and enjoying every bit of what has been offered to us is the ultimate key to happiness. When Sir gave us a task to look at a leaf or a twig and admire it I realized there are so many things in life which we miss, there is prosperity , growth , happiness, uniqueness all around and still we choose not to accept it or rather ignore it. This experience of savoring life’s joys will make us a better and a successful person both personally and professionally.

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