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What is Your Opinion on Mission Impossible 2 Assignment

I have been asked to analyze a trailer for the film “mission impossible 2” which is the second film in the series and is directed by John Woo . This film was released in cinemas worldwide in November 7th, 2000. The two most important leading roles are “Ethan Hunt” who is played by Tom Cruise and “Nyah Nordoff-Hall” who is played by Thandie Newton These two important characters are revealed in the trailer and are male and female. I believe these two are shown to catch the attention of both genders males who like the females and females who will like males.

The point of a trailer is to promote a film without spoiling it for the target audience; the trailer shows a few parts of the film to give the spectators an understandable idea of what the whole film is about. This trailer has very little text or speech and is generally action the different clips go from one to the other, by a drape of fire. The film’s name, actor’s name and director’s name explodes onto the screen after an action shot.

This captures the spectator’s concentration, so it’s only used for crucial information, which would keep the film in the audience’s mind. This trailer would be shown in all cinemas, television and DVDs, all these forms of marketing are likely to attract a bigger target audience and this trailer will also be publicized in magazines, newspapers and billboards. At the start of the trailer even the Paramount logo has a 360i?? camera shot, At the start the trailer starts off in a place which resembles the Grand Canyon.

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The camera gradually zooms ahead and then catapults towards Ethan Hunt, not in a straight line but in a sort of zigzag, There is very little sound so as soon as Ethan Hunt slips you hear it very clearly. When he slips he has no cuts showing he can do anything and that he is an alpha male. When Ethan Hunt gets to the top of the mountain he wears these self destructing spectacles, you see a world map of some sort and the first spoken phrase we hear is “Agent located” and this is when the music begins.

The music is a vital part of the trailer as it helps bring the action to life the beat of the music goes together with the movement of the trailer very well. When Ethan Hunt has the glasses on you hear the phrase “identity confirmed” and then a voice says “Good morning Mr. Hunt, sorry I barged in on your vacation” and as Ethan Hunt throws the glasses they explode throwing the words “tom cruise” onto the screen that phrase being introduced in that way has a dramatic affect and is very hard to overlook.

As the trailer rolls on we see a lot of action flying kicks, high tech gadgets and outstanding stunts, which in my observation were not performed by Tom Cruise but a stunt man because he is simply worth too much too risk his life for a movie. After several actions the phrase “A John woo film” is blasted onto the screen, the same way as the previous phrase, this is shown for the reason that the film is expected to be an action movie with a martial arts style because that is what john woo is famous for.

As the trailer goes on there is even more action with tom cruise on a motorbike riding like no one else can. Then we hear Ethan Hunt saying “you’ve got to be kidding” this piece of information shows that what he has heard is even impossible for him, this gets the spectators asking questions which make them want to watch the movie. As we continue the expression “M: i-2” which means “mission impossible 2” is blasted onto the screen in the same style as before, these 3 phrases in my eyes are the most important, so they have been chosen to be shown in this way .

The final information we are given via text is “summer 2002” this is not so important, so has not been exploded onto the screen but still is a vital piece of information. This technique is used to market the film it makes viewers of the trailer want to watch the whole film. We also see Ethan and Nyah in a sex scene I believe this is not romance but lust this adds to the affect of Ethan Hunt being an alpha male. After watching this trailer and analyzing it I have come to the conclusion that this trailer is very successful at what it is trying to do.

It is trying to promote a film, and sell it to an audience. It gets the film’s genre across evidently with lots of fast moving clips of explosions and stunts, the trailer attracts the target audience. Men will stereotypically be attracted to the action, violence and the sex scenes and in general, women will be attracted to Tom Cruise, who is both a role model for men, and a sex symbol. This trailer shows what the movie is about without showing us too much; this trailer makes us want to watch the movie so it has accomplished its goal.

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