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In the opinion of the house honesty takes you further than hypocrisy Assignment

This was the magic word used by Mary Poppins. A word such as honesty, which is equally as magical but, unfortunately can only be used in an Utopian world. Good morning! Respected chair persons and my esteemed opponents ,on an overall view when you take honesty on one side and hypocrisy on the other and when you go indepth and ponder over it I guarantee you that your defense will lean towards hypocrisy. We are all mature individuals and we should think realistically. Do you think that in today’s corrupt, materialistic world honesty will help you attain your goals?

Well, if you are going through life today with honesty, you are as foolish as ‘a blind man searching for a black cat in a dark room, especially when there is no cat!! ‘ Hypocrisy is what keeps you on your feet in the present world. Take George Bush for example. As president of the United states he is one of the most powerful men in the world today but yet he is claimed to be one of the biggest hypocrites. Dec 13th,2001- Headlines in the Hindu – ‘ Pakistani militants attack Indian Parliament ‘ Dec 14th ,2001- Headlines in the Hindu- ‘President Bush condemns attacks and says that Pakistan should back their words with actions’

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Exactly 10 days later while flipping through the Hindu I see the headlines. ‘Bush appreciates efforts made by Musharaff for fostering India-Pak relations. He speaks highly of India while in India and highly of Pakistan while in Pakistan. Is he not a hypocrite? Being a hypocrite does not mean that you are going against the rules, you just wait for the right situation and make the most of it. Being a hypocrite you are in no way being a loser. You have to stoop to conquer. All of us think of ourselves to be really honest people, but are we really so?

I would have to be a hypocrite not to call myself one. In a way we are all hypocrites. Student-teacher relationships are fostered purely due to hypocrisy. If a teacher chides a student the student might have his or her own opinion about the teacher, which at all times might not be positive. But can that student freely express what he or she feels about the teacher to him/her. Certainly not!! A student cannot be completely honest with the teacher for the simple reason that the latter will be taken aback and get angry. In order for that student to succeed he/she has to be a hypocrite

Let me quote another example. When Israel bombed Palastine, many countries believed that it was not justifiable on the part of Israel. But did any of them voice their opinion? No. This is for the simple reason that Israel is the pet nation of the United States and the latter being a super power makes matters extremely risky. All these countries want to have good trade relations with the U. S- aren’t these nations saying and behaving in a contradictory manner? Yet they are getting what they want by having good trade ties with the U. S. Are they not?

I’m not a saint nor am I person to stands before you and preach the right and the wrong path. I am here to state basic facts. Let it be in any field. Politics, Religion, Business- the chief and the only means of survival is hypocrisy. Can you name one person who has come up in today’s manipulative and corrupt world with honesty? In this modern age? None. Let us face the bitter reality. It is always the hypocrite that succeeds. Let me take an incident form history. During he British rule in India, Lord Curzon adopted the ‘divide and rule’ policy, which resulted in the partition of Bengal in 1906.

Curzon’s ulterior motive was easier administration. But there is no doubting his inner motive. He aimed at creating disharmony between the Hindu’s and the Muslim’s, and that disharmony that he created persists even today nearly 100 years after the partition of Bengal. Yes, Curzon was a hypocrite. But he got what he wanted didn’t he? My worthy opponents might quote Gandhi and Mother Teresa, But in a country whose current population is over 1 billion they should quote examples in thousands and not just one or two.

I love to read books on Harish Chandra and other such men whose armour was their honesty but sadly there are so few books. The late Ambani once said in one of his interviews that, for him even the pune’s and attender’s of government offices are as important to him as the officers themselves. Is he not a hypocrite? But yet can there be any doubting his success? Mahatma Gandhi, is one in a million. No, billion. He called a spade a spade. Hat’s of to his honesty. But, with all due respect, gratitude to this legend of a man his path is unfortunately the pathway to success.

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