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Oliver Twist Essay

In this piece of coursework I am going to write about chapter 9 of Oliver Twist. Charles Dickens wrote this book and it was written in 1838. Book is telling the story of boy who had no parents and he was living in workshop. One day he ran away from there and that’s how his adventures begin… The chapter 9 is begging when Oliver Twist was waking up after a Dodge found him. Fagin was opening his secret place where he was keeping his all treasure. He was very interested in this treasure and he was looking at it, as it will be the most important thing in his all life.

After he has a look on it and he was sure that everything is on its place and there is nothing missing, he has hid it in his secret place. He was very careful with it and he was looking around, make sure that no one is looking at him and on that what he was doing. After he locks his save place, he looked back and realise that Oliver wasn’t sleeping. He has run to Oliver and starting to bull him. He has asked since when he wasn’t sleeping and what actually did he seen. Oliver told him that he wakes up just a minute ago, but that obviously was a lie.

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Oliver told him that he has seen only all the gold and silver that Fagin have in his hands. Fagin didn’t realise that and he started again be friendly to him and told him that what Oliver seen will be their little secret. After he wake up he go for a breakfast. Oliver was thinking that Fagin is a miser. He was hiding all his treasure from the others and he didn’t want to show it to someone else. When Oliver meets the other boys, Fagin shows him all the ‘plays’ that boys where ‘playing’. Boys have telling Fagin what they have got that morning from their fun. It was few wallets, some pocket-watches.

After the breakfast Fagin told Oliver that now they will be have some fun. He tells all of the boys that they will have to take his tissue from his pocket in the way that Fagin will not know that. Oliver was watching others how do they doing it and after them was Oliver’s try. He done it faster than others and Fagin was very surprised because of that. He tells Oliver that he will be a good handkerchief. Oliver wasn’t sure about that. He didn’t want to be a handkerchief. Other boys have explained to the Oliver that it is nothing bad in it and they’re only doing it to alive.

In Victorian England it was quite normal that most of the people didn’t have money for anything. Mostly they’re just started to be a thieves to survive. Oliver finally decided to help boys and Fagin but not for long, because he wasn’t happy with doing it. I think that this chapter is quite important for the novel because is shows how people was living in England hundred years ago. People were pouring, didn’t have money for anything, most of them were dying on the street because of the hunger. Thieving was the only one way to survive.

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