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Odysseus Essay

All the Gods of Greece sat down to an assembly before Athene to listen to what she had to say about Odysseus. She said before them that she wishes for him to be back and the Gods to help him on his way. She also stated that she wished for him to return quickly. As her sons life was also in jeopardy as her suitors were planning to kill her son, when he returned from a trip for news on his father.

Zeus replied by telling her that it was her idea that Odysseus should return and take revenge on all the suitors. He then said that as for Telemachus she had the ability to bring him back to Ithaca safe and sound and to let the suitors to return to their land with nothing accomplished.

Zeus then went to Hermes the messenger and said for him to go to the Nymph and say that Odysseus should set out for home now.

That he should have no help, he should build a raft with his own hands and set out and sail with no help from men nor God. When he reaches a certain city that are owned by the Gods they shall make him a boat give him riches (more then he could have gotten from Troy even with his cut of the spoils)

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Hermes rushes off flying over seas and lands at the speed of the wind and is heading toward the great cavern where the Nymph lives.

He found her at her home singing songs with Calypso’s beautiful voice, there was a huge fire in the middle of the cave letting off different scents. When he entered the cave he was surrounded by all different types of birds, on the mouth of the cavern was garden vines which sprouted grapes. The book then says that it was a view that even immortals would have to stop and stare in awe at the sight.

Hermes enters and sees Calypso the goddess, she knew him straight away because all the Gods know one another. Odysseus could not be found within the cave he was on the shore crying. Calypso said to Hermes that she was happy to see him and that she wanted to be a gracious host and so invited him into the cave. She conjured food for Hermes and drink and after he finished he went on to answer her question.

He began by saying to Calypso that from one immortal to another it was Zeus who sent him for he had no wish himself of travelling across open seas with no land or mortal in sight. But if Zeus wants a job done better to do it then incur the wrath of the Highest God. Hermes went on to say that Calypso was to release Odysseus so he could go back to his lands and see his friends and spent the rest of his life with them.

Calypso was not happy and started to moan and groan about how she was going to lose her only mortal love. How she was willing to share with him immortality and agelessness. She then went on into other Gods who lost loved ones and were not happy and it was through jealousy that the things happened. She then said ‘Good Riddance to Him’ she refused to give him a boat and crew as none were available but she did promise to give him directions of how to get to his lands safely.

She went over to Odysseus and said to him that she was going to help him get of the island. She said he shouldn’t grieve much anymore as she was ready to help him.

She told him to cut trees down make a raft and she would stock it with food and wine and clothes and give a wind to help him.

Odysseus said that he didn’t trust her, that she was not thinking of his safety but something else (his death). To this she made a promise, a Gods promise that she wished for no such thing to happen and that she was being sincere.

She and Odysseus went into the cavern after and sat down to a meal. After Calypso said that he was determined to go and see his ‘Beloved Ithaca’ she then tries to turn him off going without making obvious. She says that she will not stand in the way even though she says what woman could compete with a goddess in face and form.

To this Odysseus says it is true Penelope is mortal and not as attractive as Calypso though he long to go home. He says that even if he has trouble in the see he will overcome it as he has suffered the same feeling constantly (the feelings being upset, disbelief and also resentfulness) He also says that if a disaster should happen it will be one in a million.

The following morning he set out and made his boat with the help of Calypso’s tools. He cut down trees and began on the boat. Calypso gave him rubbish tools and he drilled and carved and hammered away. After the fourth day the boat was complete and on the fifth he set off being waved away by Calypso.

He set off happily not sleeping and steering the boat very well with the rudder.Calypso had told him to stay to the left so he did so and on the eighteenth he saw the outline lands of the Phaeacians’ country.

Now Poseidon, Lord of the sea observed him from the mountains and was not happy and said he will give Odysseus a hard time before he got close to the shores of the county.

With that he caused a huge storm in the sea, and Odysseus began to shake with worry and fear and said that Calypso’s prediction was correct that he would have trouble at sea. He said he wished he had fell in Troy and could have had a noble death with his fellow comrades in arms.

Then a gigantic wave hit Odysseus’ boat and he fell in then a woman who was once mortal but now goddess gave pity to him and said. Why is it that Poseidon has a grudge against you, trying to kill you? Though he shall not succeed while I am watching over you. With that he returned to his boat with the help and pity of Cadmus. She gave him ma veil and said to cast it out over the sea and walk in safety to the land in the distance.

Odysseus snared at this and carried on in the boat across the sea with is will as his strength.

Poseidon then sent another wave which knocked him off again so he put on the veil and swam for it. Poseidon decided to give up and let him go. So Athene the daughter of Zeus laid the seas to rest and so Odysseus could go to the lands of the Phaecians.

When he landed on the island he was overjoyed. But a Wave threatened to make him crash into rocks until he grabbed a rock and prevented it, it was only the back wave that caught him and sent him far into the sea again.

He prayed to the gods for mercy and help and with that the currents of the rivers stopped and made it easy for Odysseus to swim to the land and climb onto land.

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