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Obsession with Money Assignment

We live in a world where money is needed for everything we do, so we end up becoming obsessed. At first, it’s a necessity, but then we want more. A person wants to keep making money because they are greedy. As long as they are greedy, they will always crave for more than what they need. In general, money is powerful, but at the same time you can’t let it control your life. In the Queen of Versailles, David Siegel is trying to build the dream house. In order to do that, he has to borrow money from the bank.

As he proceeds to build the mansion, the bank stops giving him money. His idiotic wife doesn’t know what’s going on, and she goes on an endless shopping spree. In the end, the man ends up losing the house, and is forced to sell it. Obtaining money can either make you live a life of greed and misery, or a positive life. These are some reasons why a lack of material possessions and money affect people today. One reason people become obsessed with money is that they become slaves.

It leaves them worried all the time. One common thing they do is that they try to accomplish impossible goals with money. The impossible goals such as wanting to build the biggest house in the world, making the biggest car, and just making something so crazy that it in reality becomes impossible. If you lack money, you can’t provide necessities for your family. This is where people get stuck when they really need. When times are hard, things get rough. A lot of consumers have families they have to take care of.

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They have responsibilities such as to pay bills, buy food for their children, and being parents. You get frustrated when you buy too much of what you don’t need, and you get addicted. An example of such things would be too much clothes, and a lot of unnecessary things. You think you’re better than others and you’re never satisfied with how much you get. Arrogance is definitely the term to use when you think that you are better than others. You can be arrogant with wealth, clothes, and personality.

Sometimes you get too attached when you don’t appreciate what you have. You could be hooked to materials and money. When you don’t appreciate it, you’re being ungrateful to God. People have to take out loans and pay back more money. A lot of those kind of people that do end up getting bad credit on their records such as credit cards. So they have to pay bills check by check. They can lose their possession and feel depressed or worthless. You shouldn’t feel that way because you can be in a worse situation.

If people can think like that, they would be happier. Overall obsession with money is a serious issue. It’s like having a disease that you can’t cure. If the doctor checks you out there’s no medicine for it. Although money is needed for everything, there is a way to use it and make sure you don’t abuse it. Money is essential for our basic needs. It’s when you become greedy with wanting more, that is when you need to change who you are. We all have to remember that there are people out there who are less fortunate than we are.

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