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Not An Ordinary Tale Essay

As darkness fell upon the Waterside Forest, loud, ear piercing howls flew through the night time sky. Silent winds chased themselves over the trees and through the deep valleys of the forest and out into the barren nothingness of the housing estates surrounding it. The air was filled with a nose shuddering smell of blood. Everyone knew what tonight was. It was the tenth anniversary of The Murder Massacre! Exactly ten years ago a dreadful event occurred in the small, deserted village of Valhalen. A psychotic killer roamed the countryside roads and had a mind to kill.

A sick insane mind that had a lust to kill any human flesh that dared to walk in his path. It was unfortunate that a full busload of old age pensioners were on their way to the waterside forest. For them it was a scenic tour of the luxurious mountain and long winding rivers that the forest contained. For the madman, it was his chance to make himself known as a dangerous and murderous human being. A total of seventy-two innocent people were taken, slaughtered and thrown into the Waterside River by the madman.

To this very day he is still nowhere to be found. Since that horrific event no one talks about it. Everyone tries not to think about it and no one dares to enter the forbidden forest… ‘Jason, time to get up for school, you’re late! ‘ ‘Ohh’ Jason groaned. He had already been late two days in a row. ‘Honestly Jason, you really are going to have to keep better hours,’ his mum said as she scurried around the room getting his clothes sorted, ‘You’ll be lucky if you get the late bus. Now hurry up and get some clothes on. ‘

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Jason sprang up from his cosy bed, pulled on his clothes and darted down the stairs only to find his roller-blades sitting unexpectedly on the last step. ‘Owww’ he cried as he held his pounding head, ‘This really isn’t my day,’ he mumbled to himself. He picked up his school bag and wandered off to the bus stop. As he approached the rugged old bus shelter he noticed that there was only one other person waiting for the bus.

It was Charlie his best friend. ‘Oh my gosh, Jason you look awful,’ Charlie murmured. Do I? I’m not surprised. Mum wouldn’t let me go out last night because it was the ‘you know what night’, so I stayed up ’til about three o’clock watching movies,’ Jason explained. ‘Bad idea Jason, remember we have that French test today,’ said Charlie. ‘Oh, I totally forgot about that,’ stated Jason. The loud hissing and puffing noise of the bus echoed as it came out of the tunnel and round the corner. It came to a halt in front of the bus stop and the boys hopped on and slumped down into a seat.

The bus started up and clambered up the hill and passed the gateway to the Waterside Forest, which contained an awful memory of a wicked event. ‘What actually happened there in ’93? ‘ Charlie asked. ‘My mum told me last night that there was a mass murder of over seventy people and it was done within the Waterside Forest,’ said Jason. ‘Oh my, what kind of sick, sad individual did it? ‘ Charlie asked curiously. ‘Well the killer never got……… What was that? ‘ Jason inquired as the bus shook violently, made a high-pitched squeal and came to a stand still.

‘Are you guys alright? asked the bus driver with a bit of a shake in his voice, ‘I think we must have hit a rock or something so I’ll go and check it out, you guys stay where you are,’ instructed the driver. The driver disappeared out the door and inspected the bus. Jason got up but as he did, something in the corner of his eye grasped hold of his sight. He slowly turned round to face the back of the bus and froze because he was astonished to see a man dressed in black sitting in the back seat. He was clothed in a black jacket that drooped to below his knees, which were covered in the blood that was dripping over the floor.

He wore a black hat and his face was as pale as a morning fog. The man got up hastily and made his way towards Charlie carrying an axe in one hand and a kitchen knife in the other. ‘Charlie, get out of the way! ‘ Jason yelled. ‘J… J… Jason! ‘ Charlie stuttered. But it was too late. Jason didn’t stop to watch what pain the man was going to inflict on Charlie. He unfroze himself as it were and stumbled out of the bus door and onto the pavement as he heard gut wrenching screams that came from inside the death stricken bus.

Jason sprinted to the rear of the bus only to find a pair of legs strewn over the road in a haphazard way. Jason didn’t know what to do. The only thing he could do was to hide in the ‘forbidden’ forest until the killer gave up his search for Jason. He bolted down the footpath and heard the hissing of the bus doors opening as he reached the cobweb covered gateway of the forest. He pounded his trembling foot into the rusty old gate and it made a squeaky, shuddering noise as it pelted into the ground. Then all of a sudden a figure clothed in a red robe leaped out from behind the pillar of the entrance.

Jason stopped dead in his tracks. They stared into each other’s eyes for what seemed to be for an eternity. Then it all happened so fast. Jason saw a knife. A slash. His blood. A gun. A shot. Then darkness… ‘Jason, Jason,’ someone called, ‘Jason its time to get up for school. ‘ Jason opened his eyes and saw his mum standing over his bed. ‘Come on Jason, you’re going to be late again. ‘ He smiled to himself as him mum left the room and breathed a long sigh of relief as he realised it had all been one horrifying nightmare.

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