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Non-Marital Parenthood Assignment

Marriage and the “problem” of non-marital parenthood are seen differently by never married mothers, never married fathers, conservative lawmakers and liberal lawmakers. Each group is concerned with different aspects of the issues and comprises different ideas on how to deal with them. Never married mothers don’t necessarily see non-marital parenthood as a “problem”. This is especially the case with women living in conditions of poverty or in inner cities.

They are so accustomed to having children outside of marriage because of their culture and the neighborhood in which they live. Most of the mothers are children of non married parents as well and are also surrounded by their peers who are in the same position as them. Children are viewed as a necessity of life, whereas marriage a luxury. These women usually want to raise their children in better conditions than they were raised and also want their children to “do more” with their life than they have.

Never married fathers entail much of the same thoughts on non-marital parenthood that the mothers do, in that they don’t see it as so much of a “problem”. Most of these men also come from poverty and inner cities. The fathers view parenthood as an honor because they are bringing a child in to the world to carry on their last name. These men do not normally wed because they are not capable of supporting the family due to lack of opportunity, sometimes they become incarcerated or addicted to drugs and alcohol.

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The fathers believe having a baby by a woman is romantic because they are choosing her to have a life time bond with; which is considered more important than marriage. Non-marital parenthood is mostly considered a problem with conservative lawmakers. They are usually against the concept because it goes against their conventional morals and religious beliefs. Conservatives view marriage as a strong base of social cohesion and believe that parenthood outside of marriage weakens that foundation.

Another important issue for these politicians is that single parents cost more money for the government to support as opposed to parents who are married because it is harder for these couples to receive federal monetary support. Liberals view non-marital parenthood as an issue for some of the same reasons as conservatives but are also concerned with the aspect of why there are so many children being born outside of marriage. They believe that the problem stems from poverty and may be fixed by offering more opportunities to the parents of the children.

They also feel that increased sex education in schools and relationship counseling may help prevent some of the births or at lease help lead the parents towards marriage. So, it is evident that marriage and non marital parenthood is viewed completely different from the people experiencing it, who view the children as a blessing no matter what circumstances they are born in to. Then there are those who have an outside perspective on the issue and believe the “problem” need be controlled.

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