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Where There Is No Decision There Is No Life Assignment

American author Mitch Albom novel of an old man named Eddie, who is bitter about life, and when he meets his demise, he has to meet five people who will tell him what his purpose was on life and why he had to decide the things he had to decide, but with a sudden twist at the end, Eddie is changed and he no longer is as bitter as he was before. Eddie has been changed for the better. An amazing novel with many twists and turns and with many morals in life.

In the book Eddie had to make a lot of decisions in his life and he didn’t really know that it would affect him as much as it did. For example the first person Eddie meets in heaven is “The Blue Man” and Eddie’s decision to chase after the ball on the street he wouldn’t have accidentally ended his life, but at the same time as the Blue Man said everything is in balance and it is meant to happen for a reason, “an eye for an eye” and if it wasn’t for the blue man passing away it would have been Eddie.

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This is significant because if you think about it, if this didn’t happen the world would be over-populated or under-populated and I know it is sad to lose a loved one, but it all happens for a reason and for the greater good, so in life we have to take what is thrown at us and make the best out of our situations.

Another decision Eddie made that had influenced others is when he was with his crew during the war and while they were escaping Eddie saw a shadowy figure and he went to go check it out, his crew being loyal and not wanting to leave a man behind, his captain had to do something to get him back, so he shot him in the leg and dragged him to the vehicle, because Eddie was injured the captain took charge while everyone else was caring for him, and he had accidentally stepped over a landmine which had taken his life.

This is special because the fact that how loyal he is to saving people and how loyal his crew is to save Eddie and put their life on the line for another person is very touching. That feelings and friendship can overcome any obstacle. The last one I will talk about is when Eddie lived his life at the pier. All the people kids he looked after, and all the kids who adored him. If it weren’t for him the pier rides wouldn’t function properly. This is very significant because that even if you live a life that just repeats itself and you don’t like it at all, there are others who are thankful for what you do.

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