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No Child Left Behind Assignment

According to Bruce Bowser (1992), the debate regarding reading education techniques is one of the most fundamental issues in education. Furthermore, considering the significance of education as a social institution, the concern for effective educational programs is critical to society. According to Macionis and associates (2006), there is universal recognition that education is a platform by which the society seeks to reinforce its identity, create the competencies it considers essential to development and the mode by which it ensures social order.

Thus, the No Child Left Behind (NCLB) Act of 2001is an indication of the social, economic and cultural perspectives prevailing in society which according to the stated objectives of the NCLB is to ensure that classrooms become venues of empowerment rather than social exclusion. The NCLB is also an indication of the changing demographics and psychographics of society.

The need for greater sensitivity to economic. Social and political issues affecting student performance is a sign of the growing dynamism in American society due to globalization. The U. S. Department of Education (2004) believes that the NCLB Act is a culmination of research and insights to developing demands in education for future employment, social capacity and to mitigate social exclusion.

Changes in societies’ communication needs, professional and industrial practices, exposure to globalization and shifts in social contexts highlight the need for education, as an institution, to redefine its objectives and methodologies. More importantly, the provision of the NCLB indicates a realization education not just as personal concern but a national one: justifying the need for federal management and the subscription of states to NCLB standards.

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