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We need social reform of 1906-1914 now before it is too late Assignment

We the labour party with your help can end the problems the conservative party have arisen for us together as a nation. We can be much better as an empire if we can solve the problems of high rates of poverty and peoples low standard of living, competition from neighbouring countries like Germany and the US, the vulnerable like the sick, old and young in workhouses.

At the end of the nineteenth century middle class researchers such as Charles Booth and Seebohm Rowntree highlighted high levels of poverty in different parts of England. From Booths investigation he looked at East London in his book called The Life and Labour of the People of London. He found that over 30% of Londoners were living under the poverty line suffering without essentials such as food, rent and clothing. Similar results were found by Rowntree and he discovered the cause of which was ‘large families’ which was the biggest reason at 52% for the cause of poverty in a report of 1901.

The Boer war revealed the biggest down let because the poor physical condition of recruits who signed up were un efficient to be soldiers this really brought the scale of poverty unearthed by Booth and Rowntree to the surface- in Manchester 8000 out of the 11000 recruits were turned away, so how can we run a empire which runs a third of a way round the world when are soldiers which are needed to defend, occupy and conquer foreign land when most are unable to even hold a rifle.

Have other countries like Germany and America overtaken Britain economically, industrially and militarily. In the speech of Winston Churchill quoting on Rowntree’s book called poverty he said ‘the American worker is stronger, larger, healthier better fed and consequently more efficient’. Are we slipping away from are rivals who are now producing larger amounts of steel and revolutionising faster and more rapidly compared to us how can we stand and watch as they beat us?

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The poor law is designed for the poorest of the poor which contains terrible and unsationational conditions we just can not stand for. We cannot rely on just charities and give outs from local states to help our people because government input is needed which the conservative party have now for too long ignored and now they have paid for it. It is said that if you are elderly and you live and die in a workhouse it is the biggest shame anyone can put upon themselves with no funeral, proper tombstone or placements graves are the worst thing to represent yourself after you are dead.

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