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Nazi Germany – Hitler’s view of the Jews Assignment

After the Great War Germany was in turmoil. The economic was in ruin, inflation was running riot, employment was at a crucial high and living standards was poor to say the least. At this time their was civil unrest along with the suffering of a four year long war which ended in defeat. It was in these times various political parties and movements were established; among them were the workers socialist party who were the fore runner to the National socialist party or Nazis Party as it was to be known.

With the upheaval of the time these parties touted and gained support from the working classes and veterans of the war, but many had no clear polities or goals only criticism for the ruling party. Adolf Hitler did have clear goals for his own party; it would set Germany back to be a great nation once more, with its own people in positions of power and up standings. His idea of a pure Aryan race dominating Germany was at the fore front of his plans; he wanted his country to be free of all ethnic groups which included Jews and Slavs along with communalists, Jehovah’s Witness and gypsies.

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Among his earliest policies was discrimination of these groups concentrating mainly on the Jews. He made use of propaganda against the Jews to gain more and more support of the people. He blamed the defeat in the great war totally on the Jews who he claimed was conspiring against Germany in order to gain power themselves, all of problems off the day was part of their deeds Hitler claimed and so the Jews became the scapegoats of the time. In 1923 Hitler led what was known as the Munich Beer hall putch, which he stormed a meeting in a beer hall held by the rulers of Bavaria backed by his SA men.

For his actions he received a prison sentence at Landsburg. He used his time in prison to write what would be the Nazis party’s bible Mein Kampf (My Struggle); in it he outlined his vision of a Germany of power, freedom and glory. He also addressed what he called the Jewish question in which he attacked their position in society. He stated on the subject of the Jews that”.

Other references to the Jews were made, he blamed them for bringing Negroes to Germany to inter breed with the white race thus allowing the lowering of their social standing and cultural level. He warned if the Jew was to take control of the world “they would be wallowing in filth and mere”. Once the Nazis Party finally came to power then came the reign of terror against the Jews first people were forced to boycott Jewish shops and businesses, Jewish children and students were banned from going to certain schools and colleges.

In time Jews were stripped of all their civil liberties and economic livelihood they were subjected to increased pogroms of persecution and violence. Employment of Jews in business and Jews practicing as doctors (Hitler’s ailing mother was treated by a Jew some years earlier) was outlawed, Jewish lawyers banned. Then in November 1938 came what was to be known as Kristallnacht (night of broken glass), where all Jewish students was banned from entering schools and universities and were stopped from going to cinemas, theatres and sports grounds.

Some months later the Nazi’s came up with an ambitious idea known as the Madagascar plan. Madagascar an island off the coast of Africa was considered an ideal location for the transportation of the Jews to make Germany Jew free. The plan did not come about for various reasons such as the supremacy of the seas belonged to the British, the logistics of such an enterprise was not logically possible, Germany had over half a million Jews. Thus deportation started to Poland where held in concentration camps, ghetto’s and labour camps the Jews awaited their fate and for the Final Solution.

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