National Security - Assignment Example

Nowadays, not just high tech phones or priceless jewelries can be stolen, but also someone’s whole identity. Identity thefts have been becoming more popular and one solution to this problem would be the implementation of a National ID. From the day a baby is born, ID’s have been used in the form of tag names; until the day someone dies, an ID will still be used, carved on the gravestone. Everybody uses these small plastic cards, in school, at work, even in death. So why are there skeptics against this design? In every decision someone makes, there’s inevitable a tradeoff and the use of a National ID is no exemption.

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The system will take a little bit of freedom from all, the right of anonymity for a more secured nation (Dershowitz). Take into account the September 11 bombing; thousands of people died and billions worth of properties laid into ashes, the whole world was trembled with the news. How did a group of terrorist manage to sneak right under the noses of the CIA and FBI? These agencies used complex systems to track down terrorist, but apparently, that was not enough to stop terror from striking in U. S. soil. A national ID will reduce this possibility of another 9/11.

It will be more difficult to forge an ID, get inside the country, and plan another attack without being detected. That is the assurance that a people, still shaken by 9/11 will need before they board on another airplane or sleep without being troubled at night. A national ID may also be used in criminal investigations regarding the identification of an unknown body and the crack down for a suspect still at large. These are only a few of the possibilities of a national ID. Once it is implemented, more of its uses will surface.

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