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Case Study & Narrative Analysis Assignment

What is a narrative analysis?

Each person receiving the task to write a narrative analysis wonders “what is a narrative analysis?”Narrative analysis is a type of written assignment, in which an author conducts an analysis of a specific portion of text or story. A writer makes evaluative judgments following a standard template. It is a serious task that requires a writer an ability to think critically and approach tasks seriously. Apart from that, a person has to be able to perceive the text and take a deep insight into it. What is more, one needs to focus on the work and prepare everything adequately.

Teachers and professors from colleges and universities demand from their student the preparation of this task as it enables to examine their creative thinking skills. The primary task of a student is to pick a story from his life and tell it making evaluative judgments and comments. What is more, one has to connect it to the material perceived and taught at a college or university.

As each type of written assignment, this paper has its peculiarities. It should be a descriptive paper, in which an author using his creative skills presents a narrative analysis of his own story. The purpose of this paper is to help the author to examine his personal experience. A person has to report the piece of information. One has to examine his experience. It will allow distinguishing what an author has learned as a result of a particular moment in life.

How to write a narrative analysis?

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If you do know, how to write a narrative analysis – this guide can help you! Primarily, you need to understand that the nature of the paper is analytical and descriptive. That is why you have to combine the features of these two types of assignments into one. Exist several steps that will help you to compile a high quality narrative analysis. Primarily, you need to focus on the choice of a topic. Try to find a story that is related to a particular theme. As a rule, this kind of paper comprises two sense blocks. The first one should present the very story. The second section is supposed to present the analysis based on the first sense block.

Bear in mind the fact that the relevance is essential. As soon, as you picked the theme, try to find the relevant statements for your future analysis. Bear in mind the fact, that all the comments implemented should be related to the reality. The next step presupposes the creation of the outline. It is the prewriting stage. List the essential facts related to the plot and note the catchy facts, which you can implement in your work.

The following stage is the writing process. You have to compile the very paper based on all the info prepared during the prewriting stage. Try to be clear, concise and relevant. Avoid implementation of irrelevant info. The last step is polishing your essay. Examine whether the narrative analysis has a bright central theme. Try to make your paper smooth and polish it perfectly.

Narrative analysis template

As each type of paper, the narrative analysis has its structural and formatting specificities. An author is working on this assignment as to stick to them and follow the established templates. To create a sense-loaded and well-polished paper, you need to follow the structure.

  1. Start with the creation of general background. It will enable the target reader to get the general understanding of the topic you are going to develop. What is more, it will allow you to prepare the target audience for the perception of the next info.
  2. You can describe the recent situation from your experience or tell the story from your childhood. Tell about your experience in detail, provide interesting facts. Develop a thesis statement, making an evaluative judgment.
  3. The next step is the creation of a core of your narrative analysis. You need to consult your previously prepared outline. The core part of the paper should comprise two-three paragraphs. Your task is to analyze the situation in detail, reflect on your attitude to that situation. In the next section, try to explain, why that experience was valuable for you. Describe how your attitude towards this situation was modified depending on the experience you have gained.
  4. The last section is a conclusion. You have to sum up the most important info you have discussed throughout the whole narrative analysis. You need to make the final evaluative judgment, explaining what you have learned from a specific situation and how this experience changed your personality and attitude toward life.
  5. Polish your paper perfectly!
Case Study and Narrative Analysis

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