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My Testimony Assignment

On February 9th 1993, I was able to do a remarkable thing that changed my life for the better. It was one of those days were you are really, really busy and you have no time to spare for anything. Being in second grade it wasn’t work that took up the time but other things. Each Thursday, there used to be a Good News club at our home. Children from the neighbouring area would come and the gospel and the love of Jesus would be shared with them.

On that particular day, my mother had been speaking about the death of Jesus. She expanded on how much he had suffered for each one of us. I was sitting in the front row with eyes wide open with disbelief. I couldn’t imagine how a person could die for me. All the things I had done passed through my mind. And I started to cry. At the same time I acquired a splitting headache that I couldn’t bear. I sat there with my head bowed and thinking about my sinfulness as the headache practically ravaged my head.

Later on after everybody had left, I told my Mom about the headache. She immediately prayed for my recovery. Feeling better I moved around, played, laughed, and joked. But still my mom’s account of Jesus suffering was still hovering at the back of my mind. Sometimes I would just dismiss it and continue on with my playing.

But by bedtime, when my mom came to tuck me in, the thoughts started assailing me. I thought about Jesus hanging on that cross, with blood dripping from his body. I imagined (or at least I tried to imagine) how it would feel to have nails going through your palm. I started shivering uncontrollably. So by the time my mom came to tuck me in I was a wreck.

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My mom asked me the problem, felt my forehead and asked if I wanted any medicine. I knew that no amount of earthly medicine would cure the way I was feeling unless it was the medicine of God’s love. I told her that I was feeling convicted about my sins. I told her that I didn’t want Jesus to suffer for me. I was a sinful person. Then my mother patiently explained to me why Jesus died, for whom, and how we can accept his love. I was more than happy to accept Jesus into my heart.

Immediately I felt clean inside. I didn’t see any lightening or thunder bolts. But I felt clean, cleaned by the blood of Jesus. Today I can humbly say that I am a child of God because of Jesus. Because Jesus died for me I don’t have to carry any more guilt. I am happy that Jesus is alive today and that his sacrifice is for everybody, for the entire world. I am not saying that if you have Jesus you won’t have any problems. But instead I am saying if you have Jesus you will have the grace and the endurance to go through that problem.

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