My longest day - Assignment Example

We opened the old fashioned door to the studio: my mum, my dad, my two younger sisters, my older brother and I. Bright lights were everywhere shining fiercely at the people posing on the white screen. I knew that this was going to be a long day. Behind a second, more modern, door, were racks of endless different clothes. My sisters immediately dashed in to look for the prettiest costume. Annoyed with her daughters, my mum scuttled off after them and pick out the perfect outfit for them. My brother, however, wore a face of dissatisfaction and sat down on the nearest chair looking glum.

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I wanted to have the best outfit to wear, so I went into the sea of clothes in search for the perfect dress. I came out thrilled with what I found: a salmon pink cardigan, a sea blue t-shirt and a pair of shorts. I went into the changing rooms to try them on. They were perfect. After everyone had found their outfits – my sisters were ecstatic because they had both found matching pink princess dresses and my brother, annoyed at having to be dragged there, wore what he wore to the studio – we had to go to the make up section.

My two sisters loved being pampered by two women. They giggled as puffs of powders were thrown at their faces. I sat at my table and proudly put on a hint of make up. My brother still continued to be unhappy with being at the studio. He slouched against the wall with his phone texting. Finally, we were ready to get onto the white screen and pose for our photos. As we headed off to the white screen, my youngest sister complained that she needed the toilet.

Frustrated, my mum took her to the toilets. They came back a while later covered in white tissue like a mummy, because my sister got angry with my mum. Hurriedly, my mum pulled off all the tissues and my youngest sister ran onto the white screen. A tall, male photographer came and decided he wanted us all to have really wide grins. My brother was not happy about this and scowled at the photographer. My sisters were pretending to be princesses and did not want photos to be taken.

My parents were not happy about this and began shouting at them like a pair of gorillas; telling them that they were not allowed to play when they got home because they were naughty. Eventually, everyone began to cooperate and smile. However, the photographer was not happy with the photos he had so far taken: all of us smiling, some natural photos and group photos. He wanted to take unique and different photos of each of us individually: my younger sisters being actual princesses, my brother to be sitting on a chair on his phone and me to be looking natural.

My sisters were overjoyed that they could be real princesses and the photos where taken very quickly. My brother was also extremely happy about this and slouched onto the nearest chair. I did not mind too much about my theme for the photos, except it took a long time to find the best backdrop. In the end, I chose a small alley way and the photos were finally done. It was evening by the time we left the studio. A layer of darkness had covered rows of streets as week walked back home to have finally have dinner.