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My First Job Assignment

When I was sixteen years old I thought my first job was going to be at Mc Donald’s or some type of fast food restaurant. My mother wasn’t really the type that forced me to work at a younger age. Usually a lot of teenagers don’t work until seventeen or eighteen years old. Some times when I was a child I always wanted to be more responsible by doing things on my own, working, and driving, but at sixteen what can I be responsible at. As a young teenager I always looked at job postings. For example I would see chef jobs, office jobs and retail.

Sometimes I would look at them just for the fun of it just to see what type of work that was offered in the bay area. Were I m from a lot of jobs don’t exist, and my community is so small that it didn’t create jobs for families. For example a lot of the good jobs like banks, store managers, and high end jobs were towards Oakland and San Francisco. When I was fifteen I heard about this program that helps younger teenagers find summer jobs, and it was something that sparked my interest.

When I was sixteen I experienced a piece of responsibility; First I had my own job which generated my own money, second the job was very fun, finally I had a lot of responsibilities at work at a young age. First I had a job which generated my own money. First my first job was at Cal-Trans in Oakland, California. My job position there was freeway maintenance which was in charge of looking at different freeways and reporting accidents. The crazy part about it was I was the youngest person there, and the only one from that program that qualified for the position.

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While working there I carried a lot of responsibilities. Another thing that was interesting was I had to dress up in slacks, dress shirts, and dress shoes to work every day. This job offered 40 hours a week and the pay was starting at $9. 00 dollars an hour. The next thing that was interesting was I was sixteen was I started to feel more responsible because I can make my own money and I worked hard at it. Even though this was a summer this motivated me to work for the rest of my life. Another thing that was great was I didn’t have any bills not even a cellular bill.

Majority of my money went to casual clothing for work, going out with friends, and McDonalds. It felt great being responsible at an early age, because having a job and not depending on parents is always a good thing because I didn’t have to ask for everything. After I had my first job allowance didn’t exist anymore. I felt like a man at an early age. Second the job I had was very fun. When I arrived at work I had a positive attitude to work get it done at a fast pace so I can get more work done.

I learned a lot about freeways, how they operate, car accidents, traffic, and assisting the freeway workers during car crashes. Another thing was fun was I had my own office. At times I would listen to all types of music like Rap, and R&B, I would do research on video games, and play online shooting games after all my work was done. The next thing that was fun was I had great coworkers. They was great because they was all ways supportive. Everyone was positive, open minded, and everyone was older then I. there wasn’t a day where I would go to work and get any complaints or get myself into any drama.

Before the summer was over I was told when I turn eighteen years of age I can get another full time job, or an internship. As years passed I can still see myself working in a fun environment like that. The reason why everyone is was respectful, fun to be around, and the pay was good. Finally I had a lot of responsibilities at work at a young age. When it comes to carefully looking at roads, which was something that I had to take very serious. Any errors like mis communication or not paying attention to open traffic or accidents that I didn’t report can cause someone to be seriously injured or even death.

My job was to look at these big monitors watch the traffic flow, report traffic and look at cameras during heavy traffic to see if I see accidents. If something happens then I would have to report it to the Cal-Trans dispatcher. Another responsibility was doing a lot of paperwork such as faxing documents, making a lot of copies, and typing a lot. This job is something you can’t compare another job to such as fast food. There would be times where my supervisor would leave me in charge for a couple hours to see if I can really do the job. Being responsible at a early age helped me be more responsible as a adult.

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