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My Autobiography Assignment

I was born in Northwick park hospital in 1986. I live in Harrow. My mother and father were very happy when I was born. I was taken home from the hospital three days after. My parents named me Rajeet. My parents met somewhere in London. My mothe ris originally from Kenya, and my father is originally from Tanzania. They got married in 1981. The first memory I have is falling over in the sea on holiday when I was four years old. Up until I was six I was afraid to go in the sea or a swimming pool. I also remember my fifth birthday.

My family is very big. There are twenty five to thirty people on my fathers side, and sixty to seventy people on my mothers side. I have a lot of family members I either do not know about or I have not met. I have a lot of cousins, my oldest one is forty five years old. I have a lot of other cousins who are now getting married and having children.

During the summer holidays before my year ten there have been two weddings in my family. The first wedding I remember going to was when I was eight, it was my cousins wedding. His daughter is now three. In the summer holidays two of my cousins got married. Art talent runs in my mothers side of the family. Two of my uncles are very good at art, and two of my cousins are very good at art. My family is very spread out over England. I have Wembley, Greenford, Hillingdon, Maidenhead, Leciester, and a few other places.

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When I was four years old I went to Pinner Park nursery school. After that I went to Roxbourne first school when I was five years old, and then I went to Pinner Park middle, and now I have come to Hatch End High. I liked Pinner Park the best.

Life is for me now is quite good. I liked my school years all about the same. Year nine was quite good, and year ten is quite good as well. My classes are mixed up, but I make friends. I liked my middle school the best because I was care free, and I had a lot of other friends.

I’ve had a few influences from different people in my life. My parents have influenced and taught me to be honest, polite and to stand up for myself and what is right, but only when I am able to. I hardly stood up forself until recently.I have more confidence now in myself and I have found out how strong I can be. Other people have also influenced me. One of my cousins has taught me about my own religion, as did my parents. He has taught me to question things, and I think more deeply now.

One of my uncles is an artist, and he has taught me about art and drawing since I was a child. He has also taught me dance alittle bit as well! In a way, I have also been influenced by Bruce Lee, by his life. He overcame his problems in a world of prejudice and bought his culture to America and the film industry. I have learnt ot be laid back, and relax, but also not let people push me around.

Being a teenager in the 21st century is alright. I think there is too much crime and suffering in the world today and there should be something done about it. People are trying, but there is too much. Technology is advancing very quickly in todays world. There are DVD’s, the internet, digital technology, and various other new inventions and innovations.

I would like my grand children to grow up in a peaceful world. Nowadays mostly everything revolves around technology. As technology advances people will get lazier. We may evolve to the level where we wont have to get around much.

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