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Multicultural Art Essay

At the beginning of term I started a project titled multicultural art- this has been studying art from around the world. To start the project I completed many observational drawing of artefacts. In lessons I produced a detailed drawing of a Chinese dragon in which I applied detail and used tone accurately. As part of my research all year ten pupils on the art course went a school trip to Oxford to visit two museums these were: the Ashmoleon museum and the Pitt rivers museum. By going to these museums it helped me to get a better understanding of styles used in art.

While at the museums I paid great attention to Japanese and Chinese art. I also took note of colours and materials that had been used. I then choose a culture that I was interested in and started to collect as much information into them as possible. My chosen culture is Japanese and Chinese art. I selected these because I found them interesting and wanted to find out more about them. I have used many resources so far to collect information on my chosen cultures. I have used a computer and looked on the internet and Encarta. Books were also useful and provided me with many images and descriptions.

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I also went to a Chinese shop, here I brought items and used them in my research. On the school trip to the museums I took many pictures using a camera and brought postcards to show more about multicultural art. I have also researched into Chinese artists and the techniques that they use also the art work that they have produced themselves. I have looked at two artists in detail they are: Tan Oe Pang and Gu Kaizhi. I was pleased with the work that I had produced as I added as much information as possible and added images to show their own work.

I have learnt many new skills during this project and I have experimented with batiks. I have also learned how to make a coil pot, as this is what I am going to do for my final piece, and then I will decorate it with Chinese art. So far in this project I feel I have worked well and put effort into most of my pieces of art. There are many things that I need to improve on they are: finishing pieces of work because many pieces are not finished, it may be that a border is not coloured in. or maybe completing a title. All of these make the grade that I received lower than I would get if I had completed these tasks.

Most of my homework is in on time but there have been many occasions where I have had to take it in the next day after it was due in. The reason for this is because my art takes me a long time to complete. I also find it hard to start a piece of work as I may not be able to transfer my ideas onto paper and then I don’t leave my self enough time to complete the task. So my main targets for the second half of the term are to work a bit faster and leave enough time to complete my work and to make sure that all of my art work gets finished.


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