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Movies Essay

Do you want both sides? or just the bad? I’ll go with both simply because I believe that if you know what you are up against you will do better in a debate, that and I tend toward being long winded. So economically speaking how is hollywood good?

Movies, people go to the movies, they spend money to see the movie, this requires people which means people have jobs which means that when people go see the movie people are making money which can later be spent and so on. Not to mention the jobs that are created from the production itself, not just actors either the set designers, props, cameras, someone has to make these items, thus creating more jobs. HollyWood bad?

This is a bit harder, Economically speaking atleast, I will say that money and power corrupts, look at Paris Hilton or Sylvester Stalone, Both recently got into trouble and will probably only have to pay a fine, where one might say this is a good thing because money is once again changing hands I consider it bad, not just for the obvious cultural problems, but because that money could go to many people rather than just the goverment, with this I will also say that since these stars have more money they tend to spend their money at higher end places where things are more expensive and thus the rich get richer.

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Of course as far as bad for economics what about the raising ticket prices? I mean seriously, 8. 00 to go see a movie? atleast here, Why bother? I can rent the movie in a month for way less in a few months, with as quick as some of these movies are turned into DVD’s the wait is worth the money saved if you aren’t dying to see the movie, Heck you can buy the movie for less than it cost for you to take your 2 children (based on average family size not on you). So there again less money is changing hands because the higher the prices go the less someone wants to go see it.

Bear in mind that the economical influence is going to be seen a lot more in the mioddle to lower classes than in the highly paid stars. Ok, so that’s a few lines on economical now for the easy part. Cultural influences? Let start with language, it’s an easy one. Have you ever siad “So I was like… ” I believe that this came out of the 80’s valley girl movies, maybe it’s just me, and you probably aren’t old enough to remember but I can remember making fun of them as a child, and now I do it all the time.

Or how about swearing? I believe that as swearing has increased in the movies it has also increased in the common vocabulary. It’s an everyday thing to hear a swear word, truthfully I probably say the F word atleast once a day and S*** atleast twice. Now granted, It’s not all in the movies, but you must also admit that a lot more is allowed now than it was say 50 years ago. Movies reflect everyday life either as we see it, how we would like to see it or as it happened.

The Cultural problems arise because of what part of society Hollywood decides to portray. Seriously, take you’ve got mail. classic love story, no violence, no sex, both are in other relationships so you might say adultery, but seriously nothing takes place until both have decided to leave their partner. Now lets look at any R rated movie; what makes a movie R rated? In the opinion of the Rating Board, this film definitely contains some adult material.

Parents are strongly urged to find out more about this film before they allow their children to accompany them. An R-rated film may include strong language, violence, nudity, drug abuse, other elements, or a combination of the above, so parents are counseled in advance to take this advisory rating very seriously. Of course how many kids go to R rated movies? Maybe they don’t see them at the theatre, maybe just on televison, You will notice drug abuse, How often do you see someone smoking a joint in movies?

Enough times when they show no down sides that they can cause powerful cultural problems, these stars are role-models, how often do you hear about some music artist getting busted for drugs? again too often, most of the time all they get is a large fine, a slap on the wrist and maybe some community service. So anyway cultural problems are easy to come up with Look at that R rating Definition above and come up with things that you see in movies that you don’t think are right.

Maybe look at the definitions of lower rated movies http://www. paa. org/FlmRat_Ratings. asp and see what is allowed in them that you might not think appropriate for children As far as the good side goes there are as many good things that come from the movies culturally as there are bad, Acceptance of other groups of people, charities that recieve money for their causes (can be considered economical) What about Love, what about knowledge, what about an outlet for expression.

What makes a topic good for debate is that there are usually almost an equal amount of good points as there are bad. he idea is to have a good deal of proof and don’t forget to save those really good point the ones you really think will bring your cause home for last, because when you read something you remember only part of what you read, and those are the things that are said the most, IE I will remember later that this topic had something to do with hollywood. The remember the things you said last. So When I give a speech I tell em what I am going to tell em, I tell em and then I tell em what I told them.

Ie Today I will show you how hollywood is a bad influence, and why economically it may seem like a good thing it can infact have horrible consequences on the economy. I believe hollywood to be a bad influence because people inheritantly mimic what they see people who they admire do. I also believe that economically the more movies cost the less people will want to see movies which will cause those people working in those industries to be jobless, maybe even become homeless and thus be a burden to society that they might not have otherwise been.

So inconclusion, I would just like you to remember that Hollywood is bad for the world both economically and culturally because as prices become more and more unreasonable, people stop going to movies which means that less people have jobs, culturally people are mimicing what these stars are doing and not only hurting themselves but the people around them and even the world as a whole.

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