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My Mother Never Worked Assignment

Purpose and Audience

1. That she had a hard working mother that worked harder than people who did “work”. By exemplifying this, it shows the mother to have every right to social security benefits just like anyone else, because she indeed worked all her life. The thesis was never explicitly stated because there were enough details suggesting the purpose of this essay, therefore it was implied.

2. Yes, it could have. This essay is relatable, because everyone has a mother. Many can sympathize with this essay because we all have mothers who often work hard to provide for their families, whether they’re a stay at home mom or working a nine to five, many will agree their mothers are deserving of the death benefit.

3. Her father was able to receive the social security benefits because he “worked”. The essay is trying to show case on her mother’s works to justify why she deserved the same rights of the death benefit as he did.

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4. Yes, I think this essay is relevant today. There are many women who are stay at home moms all their lives, and work hard to deserve the death benefit, because their job is just as important and beneficial as anyone else.

Style and Structure

1. Yes, the title is effective. The title is brief description of what the essay is about. The essay was trying to prove how her mother did work, against the government’s definition of work. Paragraph 32 put emphasis on the essays title, tying it to the essays main purpose.

2. The phone conversation is a reminder of why Smith-Yackel is even outlining her mother’s life. The outline helps convince the reader why her mother is just as deserving of the death benefit.

3. She includes a timeline, marking the month and year of all of her children that were born. She even introduces the existence of her grandchildren, showing how much time has passed.

4. The details provide an exaggeration effect, to captivate and convince the reader that she worked hard and deserved the death benefit.

5. It is putting a stronger emphasis on the mother’s hard, yet continuous work she did day to day. Bringing the reader to sympathize in conclusion of the essay.

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