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Modern Environmental Issues in Relation to US Constitution and the Current Presidential Election Essay

Emerging environmental issues cover entirely the whole of human existence. Issues concerning the atmosphere, biodiversity, human settlements, coastal areas, oceans, inland waters and land have continued to threaten the existence of mankind on planet earth. the dynamism and interconnectivity of all processes in the environment calls for a comprehensive and unified regulatory framework that recognizes this interconnectivity and therefore sets out guidelines and solutions that are compatible with the overall goal of improving the environment.

As the development of a country increases and new technological advancements are developed, environmental issues grow and become a critical and fundamental part of charting the national agenda. The role of the federal government in addressing a host of environmental concerns has increased over the years. The most critical actor in environmental policy has become the president. The role has partly been pushed to the president by the public legitimate environmental movements. Another reason is the urgency of leadership necessary to address environmental issues that threaten to severely affect the lives of future generations.

This need to protect the lives of the future generations has led to the concept of sustainable development in all facets of the economic landscape. To this day several institutions have been established to oversee the natural resources , prevent environment degradation and chart environment policies. Therefore to discuss the concept of an environment president, precedence is given to the many presidential environment initiatives, policy responses in environment issues and inactions as regards environmental issues.

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By looking at the presidential powers and authority in examining his leadership, specific roles that he can play in the development of a clear and consistent in environmental policy are analyzed. It is the understanding of these roles that tend to drive opinions and environmental policies being championed by the presidential candidates. Additionally, environmental issues are continually being played in the public domain, discussions yield public opinion and the president must be seen to have an effective public response.

To fully understand these functions it is prudent to delve into the constitutional duties of the president. hese constitutional roles are; he is the chief commander in chief of the armed forces, he is the chief diplomat, he is the the chief executive, legislative leader and opinion/ part leader. As the chief executive the president oversees the complex activities carried out by the federal government. these activities majorly revolve around domestic policy making. the environment policy is also a domestic policy and therefore he is capable of offering leadership through the government and also pushing for legislation through the congress.

Federal response to environmental legislations also influenced by foreign political and economic developments. Institutions like the United States Environment Protection Agency has been in the forefront in enacting legislations that regulate virtually all sectors of the economy in relation to the environment. They set out laws and regulations that en sure that environmental degradation is curtailed and that developments are in line with it key mission of protecting human health and the environment.

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