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‘Mission Impossible 2’ Essay

‘Mission Impossible 2’ is a follow on from the first, but this sequel doesn’t fulfil all of my expectations. This film seems to be a typical action film, as this film and others like it tend to finish the same were the hero gets his girl. I feel that a good action film should have lots of action and unpredictability. This film doesn’t have a lot of action; its action comes in small dosages, which I feel disrupts the flow the film.

Ethan Hunt (IMF Agent) has been sent to retrieve and destroy a deadly virus known as ‘Chimera’. His mission soon becomes impossible as a local terrorist force lead by a former IMF Agent, Sean Ambrose want this virus to use against their country. This terrorist force already has the antidote ‘Bellerophon’ but they need the ‘Chimera’ to complete the set and to gain momentum and then soon hold the world to ransom. Ethan relies on international thief ‘Nyah Hall’ to locate and infiltrate this terrorist force.

Time begins to run out for ‘Agent Hunt’ as he needs to recover the virus ‘Chimera’ and locate and retrieve the ‘Bellerophon’. Ethan becomes under more and more pressure as his new love Nyah injects herself with the deadly virus in order to save Ethan, Now Ethan has only 20 hours to recover the antidote and cure Nyah of the virus. If Nyah were not to receive the cure within 20 hours of injection she would become subject to a painful and rapid death. This film is not major action film as it doesn’t have continuous action all the way through.

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But the film does contain plenty of scenes, which focus on the length of time left for Ethan and the effects of the ‘Chimera’, this then creates an element of tension as you begin to think weather he will get hold of the virus in time or not. There are some scenes, which are very tense such as the first time Nyah and Ethan met. This is when international thief Nyah Hall attempts to steel diamond necklace, this then created tension when the alarm goes off and you begin to think its all over for Ethan and Nyah.

But with Ethan’s connections and his smart talking they come out of it unharmed. This film also contains lots of special effects such as the start of the film were Ethan ascends the historic Ayres Rock unassisted (also known by its aborigine name Uluru). As well as Ayres Rock this film also shows many places of importance such as the Sydney Opera House, high security buildings etc. One of the best parts of the film contains lots of special effects and graphics, this is right at the start of the film were Ethan Hunt (Tom Cruise) puts on the glasses to receive his mission.

This is the part of the film were he discovers who he will be working with to locate and destroy the virus. I think that this is what every action film needs, lots of special effects and graphics. I feel that this should happen a lot more than it does. This film shows all the different aspects of the characters as Sean Ambrose is very unsettling and aggressive, but he also has a mischievous and sensitive side, especially towards Nyah. Meanwhile Ethan is seen to be sensitive right from the start with a bit of naughtiness thrown in.

But he still has all the features of a typical action hero, as he has the intelligence to overcome and problems that he may face. There is one major difference between this film and any other action film and this is the slow start to the film as it takes time for the film to properly start. This film starts very slow and builds up to a sudden climax at the end. This film also relies on lots of deceit towards the audience as many times during the film masks and sound chips are used to make one character look and sound like another.

Overall this film seems to be a typical action film, as in the end all the problems are solved and the hero gets his girl. I feel that a good action film should have some sort of cliffhanger and there should be some different outcome instead of the hero getting the girl. E. g. the villain is still alive and comes back in a third mission impossible to try to defeat IMF agent Ethan Hunt. I thought that the first of the two Mission Impossible films was the better as that had more action and a better story line.

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