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Mind and Beauty Pageant Assignment

Have you ever had at time when you, so much to say but you just could not get it out? You plan what you are going to say but when you speak, your mind goes blind. This happens to me all of the time for some reason and it didn’t bother me until one day. All I could see was bright lights, a quiet room, a large stage and a microphone. In October 2012, I was in a beauty pageant, that I practiced weeks for. Like a normal pageant, it had swimwear, talent, interview, formal wear and finally the questionnaire.

This was the most important of the pageant and finally we was here. After going through six girls, the MC called for contestant number seven and that was me. Before I walk from back stage, I had to gather my thoughts. As I walked on stage I could feel a thousand eyes watching my eye move. It was so silent , all I could hear was the sound of shoes and my heart beating so fast. It was my turn to answer my question and I was nervous.

I don’t know really know why because I had it in the bag, well at least I thought I did. I dint know what my question was going to be but I knew I could not get it wrong. The MC shook up a little bowl that the questions were in and ask me t pick. I dug deep, hoping to avoid any hard questions or anything a politics. I picked my question and handed it to the MC and he began to read it to the audience. The question stated “If you could have dinner with anyone from history, who would it be and why?

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