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Melanie Essay

As Melanie lay there, she lay unknowingly to the world around her. For when she going to wake up her world was going to be flipped on its head.

She awoke! “Who am I? Where am I! What is this place!”.

Melanie got up and started to wandering the dull, rather grey and dirty tube station around her. With her droopy eyes, she walked rather drearily around the platform, trying to make sense of what had happened to her the night before, and what she was now going to do.

Melanie managed to find her way out of the tube station, she started walk the grey and worn streets outside. This was even thought it was sunny day, it didn’t seem to change the scenery around Melanie.

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After what seemed like hours of walking Melanie sat down on a bench outside the Royal Opera House. Their Melanie took a small break after which she once again set off. Then about 20 minutes later Melanie realized that she was being followed. Who, when she stopped approached with slight hesitation.

As the men glided over to her, she began to notice the sheer size of them. Comparing them to anything seemed impossible, deus to their size and build. It seemed to take forever for them to reach Melanie. When the men finally did reach Melanie, she thought she was going to be killed for something she might have done the night before.

The man in the middle was first speak, but not in a dark and eerie voice, but in a surprising high, soft voice, and said “are you lost” and followed on to say “don’t mean to be rude but you seem to be all there”. Melanie replied to this by saying “I know, for u see. I’ve lost my memory”. At hearing this the three men went into a huddle and begun to whisper amongst themselves.

The first monstrosity spoke (the one with the high voice) in a lower tone to the horrendous gargoyles beside him and said “we could use this to our advantage”. He continued on to say “do you two know why!”. Hearing this the two began to smile and were nodding their heads aimlessly as though they knew what he was talking about, but obviously had no idea what he was on about. So the one slapped the two on the head and explained what he meant. When the other two finally understood the plan they turned to face Melanie who by now was half asleep from waiting.

This time the giant who to spoke was the one left when facing Melanie. He began by saying in a soft, almost forced voice “We wanted to tell earlier, we’re your uncles from surrey but thought you would recognize us”, and followed on to say, “we re here to take you home, that is if you want to”.

Hearing this Melanie was delighted and agreed, as she expected her new uncle’s story to true. The men then walked her to the main road where there was a pristine black Mercedes Benz, parked on the road, waiting for the gentlemen. The ogre that was now standing to Melanie’s left (the one not to have talked yet) escorted Melanie into the car and sat next to the other two got in at the front of the car, and drove off.

When the car stopped, finally. Melanie got out. She found herself standing in a damp, rubbish filled alleyway. Her uncles escorted her towards a thick, rusty, steel door that looked as if it was bolted onto the hinges. It somehow opened from inside. And there stood another very built, “being”, but this one was cloaked unlike Melanie’s three uncles, who had worn rather expensive suits. The being took Melanie down a flight of stairs to a small damp cellar room and shoved her inside and locked the door, and thudded off.

A two of days past and Melanie began to wonder why she wasn’t allowed out of her cell, when a she heard the thudding of feet, Melanie stared to feel afraid as the travelling sound came closer, it came to a stop out side her door. There was silence. ‘clunk’, the door slowly opened. and once again a hooded figure appeared. But this one was not like the one that had open the door when she came to the alley. It seemed different. As ‘it’ approached Melanie, the door behind closed. ‘It’ sat beside Melanie and began caressing her arm, with its right hand. By its touch she could tell it was a male, and that the hand was analysing her carefully through the glove that was worn. The other hand soon followed relaxing and soothing Melanie, in to a sense of security. Within five minutes he had removed the top half of Melanie’s red marlboro dress without her realising it, and was stroking her frontal area, as though to smooth out any imperfections or wrinkles on Melanie’s skin.

He then removed his cloak to reveal a mask on his face of the white faced, sad clown that appears in the opera, and his hair was long and parted in middle, which made the make look beautiful, and he was wearing a tight vest stretched over a maculated, well keep abdominal area.

He then lowered his tight blue denim jeans, which made his rear look tight and firm as though he had been working it out, to reveal the boxer shorts which further outlined his rear and a bulge on his front.

A certain amount of time had pasted and this guy was pleasuring Melanie in ways she never thought possible, he was exerting just enough force that was pleasurable, and his hand were still caressing her in way she never thought possible and the same time exciting her in way she never knew possible.

Ten minutes had pasted since this ‘man’ had come into Melanie’s room and made her enjoy herself more then since she awoke in the tube station, Melanie let out a final very loud, very deep groan, as he gave what he had left in him to her.

He then got up after laying next to Melanie for a minute and got dressed and very quickly left for the cell door he knock once, and the door opened and walked through the door he took off the mask but kept the hood on so Melanie could not his face as he turned around to hand it to another large monstrosity which almost resembled her ‘uncles’. The monstrosity then slid a tray of food into Melanie’s cell and closed the door.

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