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The media is a very powerful influence Essay

It is down to television to keep everyone informed of what is happening in the world and about important social issues that might interest them. It can be bad because it promotes things that should not be promoted and are not suitable for children such as teenage pregnancies etc. It has many advantages, such as it provides religious programmes, for the 85% of the population that claim to believe in God, as well as other types of programmes; therefore it caters to every target audience.

Since 1990, it is law that there has to be some kind of religious broadcasting but there is a question as to what is not enough and what is too much. Also, there are requirements for the content that should be shown. However it can also be a disadvantage, as it is of no interest to those who are not religious and can be influential. Religion is respected greatly in TV and for this reason, there are many different types of religious programmes. There is the worship type, which consist of hymns and prayer readings (e. g.

Songs of Praise) and religious documentaries, which deeply investigate religious and moral issues (e. g. Heart of the Matter). Also, there are magazine type programmes, which consist of a variety of news, reviews and interviews with people who are involved in religious news (e. g. Heaven and Earth). Finally, the remaining type is the one off programmes about certain times in history that could be classed as symbolic to religion (e. g. the funeral of Princess Diana). I think religion should be broadcast but shouldn’t focus on one certain religion.

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I think a program that showed one issue from the main religions would be a great success and have the majority of viewers following. Heaven and earth is a magazine style programme that covers many moral issues with a religious link and is presented at a fast pace. It has previously covered issues from fear to organ transplants. There are often celebrity hosts on the show. I think this is a thorough program, as it deals with a wide range of issues and involves celebrities. This means it is appealing to everyone because it is not based around a specific religion or belief.

Songs of Praise is a worship programme that incorporates a different theme into the show each week; practical as well as spiritual (e. g. love, marriage and death have all been themes in the past). It has changed a lot recently to suit modern society and includes performances from young and old, which often relate to theme (e. g. the titanic song was performed in the show that had the theme of love). It also consists of interviews with people, both famous and ordinary, making it more popular.

I think it’s a good show because it gives the Christian audience a form of worship and allows them to be involved. However it relates specifically to Christians, so it does not appeal to everyone. In my opinion, Heaven and earth works better because it does not relate to one specific religion, as Songs of Praise is based around Christianity. Also, Heaven and Earth covers many moral and religious issues in each show, which makes it more suitable and appealing to everyone because there is bound to be at least one issue that suits the interests of each and every viewer.

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