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Market Analysis matrix and eastenders Essay

Production title & length: The Matrix 136 mins

Genre: Film Drama

Client: N/A

Target Audience: age 14-25

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Where shown: Cinemas / DVD

TX/ Time of day: N/A

Plot Synopsis:

Neo (Keanu Reeves) is a computer hacker who discovers from mystifying rebels that he is living in the world of The Matrix, and learns of his role in the war against the controllers of The Matrix. In the scene I am analysing the character Trinity makes her debut in the film as she tries to escape from agent smith and his assistance.

Key prod techniques:

In this scene that I analysed we first see the character Trinity. She has broken into a building, the lighting is dark the mise-en-sene is very murky its in an old derelict looking building. As the police go to arrest in her in one of the rooms, the camera pulls into in long shot of Trinity she is centre screen. Special effects such as CGI and wirework are used as Trinity tries to escape by walking up the walls as bullets are shooting at her. The last shot in this scene is Trinity escaping in a telephone box; a truck is coming towards the phone box she pauses it with her hand and the truck stops. Since its on DVD format the sound’s clarity has been enhanced. The editing is at a very quick pace with jump cuts and the sound is very dominant.


The visual effects were very extravagant though very over used but the dull lighting gives the film a style. The aesthetic qualities such as the costumes; the leather cat suit that Trinity is wearing is rather over the top but fits the style of The Matrix. The use of the colour green; when Trinity is on the laptop fitted well with the sci-fi genre. The make-up too was very natural looking. The preferred reading in this film is that women are shown as very headstrong and dominant. There seems to be no oppositional reading apart from the use of guns may be a negative representation for children and teenagers.

Market Analysis

Production title & length: Eastenders 30 mins

Genre: TV soap

Client: BBC

Target Audience: age 14-60

Format: Multi- camera

Where shown: BBC1 mon-fri

TX/ Time of day: 7:30 PM

Plot Synopsis:

This is the popular soap set in the East End of London, in a fictional place called Walford. We follow different families in their life in Albert Square, working out their daily dramatic issues. In this episode the character Dot Brannings has cancer and is talking about the future with her husband Jim.

Key prod techniques:

Unlike a programme such as Scrubs, Eastenders is a multi camera programme, in a particular scene with characters; Jim and Dot, the cameras cut from one to the other, instead of using a single camera. This is an interior scene inside Jim and Dot’s house. There is a strong use of close ups in this scene to focus on the performance of the two characters, whom are both discussing Dot’s illness. Jim puts a song on the stereo; music is being played in the background lightly, so you can still hear the dialogue from the characters. The last shot is on long shot of them dancing. The next shot is a high angle, wide shot of the ‘square’, this is to establish the location. Some scenes that are filmed in the pub have a number of people in the shot miming in the background, thus giving the mise-en-scne a more realistic look.


Many of the camera techniques were realistic and the aesthetic qualities such as the make up and costume were simple and looked natural to the location of the programme. Though the performance from particular actors was very monosyllabic and wooden. The music that was used in the scene with Jim and Dot was synchronised well with the two characters and their situation involving Dot’s illness.

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