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Man’s Dependence on Fussil Fuels Essay

Before the occurrence of the Industrial Revolution, fossil fuels were considered as temporary source of energy. They were only used to compensate for the lack of firewood and charcoal supplies that were the primary energy supplier back in the day. Although the first combustible fuel used widely which remained useful for a long period of time was wood. Advancement by both technological and social demanded a source that could provide a higher energy output. These sources turn out to be coal, oil, and natural gas. It is common knowledge that the burning of fossil uels releases large amounts of greenhouse gases, particularly carbon dioxide.

These gases are the primary causes of global warming and changes In the atmosphere. However, said process also causes acid rain, thereby damaging crops, poisoning rivers, and contaminating other bodies of water. This then leads to water and land pollution. Man’s dependence on fossil fuels has had many negative effects on both the environment and Its Inhabitants. Thankfully though, governments all over the world have taken note of this looming problem, and have begun to act and try to reverse the said effects that fossil fuels have had.

Man has become increasingly dependent on fossil fuels over the years, dependence mainly due to the ease of capitalizing on said fuels. Although fossil fuels may be of great help to the Industrialization of a country, they bring with them numerous harmful effects on the environment, especially during the mining, transportation, and consumption of these fuels. These effects may range from different kinds of pollution to severe changes in global climate. Thus, it is certain that human dependence on fossil fuels eclipses whatever benefit It may have to mankind because of the drastic environmental effects It has caused along the way.

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