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Managing stress and anxiety Assignment

Managing stress and anxiety is necessary if a student has to achieve good results in their exams. Stress and anxiety during exam has made even the bright students to miss out on their targets. Students are therefore required to use the time available during normal class period to study and revise adequately; this would prevent them from the last minute rush where they want to cover a lot in the shortest time possible. Studies have shown that lack of preparedness and poor time management has been the main cause of stress and anxiety during exams. With appropriate techniques applied, stress and anxiety can be controlled and managed.

Stress during exam period can affect the concentration of a student during revisions and exam time. Stress makes student to even forget the most obvious concepts taught in class. Anxiety is usually caused by inadequate preparation, high expectations from the parents and teachers and past performance (Clemente, 2004). Maintaining a relaxed mood and atmosphere at the time of exam gives the student the right mind to think and the confidence that what he or she has acquired, will make them achieve the right grades. Students should always take the necessary precautions during exams to avoid being stressed.

The student should ensure that they have read the instructions properly step by step and always refer to them to ensure that they are doing the right thing. They should never assume that the question has been understood by reading at once. They should go through it as many times as possible, at least three times. Good and proper dieting is required during exam period so that the students are strong enough to handle the papers. Students are also in a habit of sleeping late so as to cover up for what they had not covered before; they go to the exam room with a lot of fatigue and this affects their concentration (Palmer, 2006).

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Students should manage their time well and allocate minimum time for each question. They are advised to first go through all the questions and first handle the ones that look easier to answer. This helps student to avoid last minute rush that makes them mess up with everything. In addition, when tackling questions, students should always look out for key words and ensure that questions are answered in depth. Last but no least, students should not be so much tied to their books that they ignore doing some simple exercises. Exercises help students to simulate their brain and relax their bodies.

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