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Management and Respect Essay

One of the most common qualities of successful people is that they have respect. Respect can have many different meanings. It all depends on the individual who is interpreting what respect is. Having respect is essential for success, because it generates confidence in your abilities and shows a genuine appreciation for what you do, and what you’re capable of doing. Professionalism and respect must co- exist for there is no aspect of professionalism without any respect. Respect is needed in order to keep a professional environment in a work place.

In order for one to receive respect, respect must be given as well. You first need to generate respect for yourself. This means that you have to set priorities and develop a clear conscience. You must be able to quickly grasp where a situation may end up and accept critique with a clear mind. A leader must be able to mitigate any situation without losing respect for the individuals involved in the situation, being able to quickly resolve the problem at hand and avoid any lose of professionalism.

If you prove to others that you stick to a level of ethics and performance, you can quickly gain their respect as well. This begins with leaders in a work environment. Since the leaders are appointed above other individuals, they must set forth the example by showing respect towards those who rely on their leadership and good judgment. A lot of leaders fail in this attempt to receive respect do allowing higher authority, over those they are leading, cloud their judgment.

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Many believe that due to the position they are in, those who are in lower positions don’t deserve a right to claim the respect they deserve from the individual in the higher position. For example, in the military those who are of higher rank have the mindset that because they have been in longer and have a higher pay grade, those who are of lesser grade must have unconditional respect but respect is not obtained unconditionally through pay grade.

Respect is earned and given from one individual to another. Managers, Supervisors, leaders all must understand that respect isn’t measured by a pay raise in any means. From a leader to those being lead respect allows the individual being led full confidence in their leader. The enemy of a professional business is disrespect. Disrespect can come in many forms, from withholding information, lying, and verbal assault to derogatory comments and beyond.

It is very important to be tactful on what one may say to a coworker within a business because any discontent with two parties or more can not only harm both parties but it can ultimately harm the business and its reputation of professionalism. The reputation of a company is only as good as the reputation the company’s working team has with one another. Respect and professionalism allows a business to exceed and succeed but it all starts with the leaders of an organization to lead by example and give an image to emulate.

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