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Making a Difference Essay

Over the past two years, I have done quite well as a friend, daughter, and student. I have had so much responsibility and commitment, and through my tireless efforts, I have been able to give it my all with the expectations that have been placed upon me. I truly believe that out of everything I have accomplished, nothing compares to the difference I have made for my nephew. My nephew was failing math in the second grade last year. He barely understood the lessons his teacher discussed in class. Shy as he was, he always hesitated to ask for help.

His teacher would hand out class work for them to work on, but he barely got anything done. By the end of class, she would have home work assigned for them to do, but he rarely turned them in. His teacher and parents grew more concerned about him as the days past without any progress. I believed that I could help him, so I offered my assistance. From then on, I have been going to my nephew’s house every day after school. I started off tutoring him from copies off of his teacher’s textbook that I personally asked for.

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Step by step, I patiently guided him through every lesson. I then helped him out with his missing class works and home works that he was required to complete. I would leave his house only when I felt we have accomplished our objective of the day. Although he was making progress, he was still struggling to get his work done on his own. I decided to purchase entertaining workbooks from the book store for him to practice on his spare time. He eventually got bored from that, so I rented educational DVDs from the library for him to watch.

When that seemed like it wasn’t making any progress either, I came up with fun mini games he could play and learn from. I went ballistic trying to find anything to meet his educational, enjoyable needs, but my tireless efforts in not giving up on him, finally paid off in the end. After two to three weeks of long, after school tutoring sessions, my nephew got a lot better in math than I expected. He always completed his class works and home works he had been assigned to do, and paid close attention to every lesson discussions in class.

Whenever he needed help with his work, he asked from his teacher or parents until he understood it. Towards the end of the school year, he received an A for math. Math eventually became his new favorite subject! I feel that I have done well with everyone and everything in my life for the past two years. Some were pretty challenging to cope with, but that was what brought the joy out of them. Though I am a work in progress, I can honestly say that no other good feeling about me beats what I have made my nephew turn out to be.

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