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Make people aware of the importance of water in our lives Essay

Water is so sacred because it purifies, rejuvenates, cleanses, and heals. Spirits occupy the waters and require respect or esteem. From the droplets in a baptism to the scattering of ashes on a holy river, water blesses and shapes human lives. From drinking it to praising it, how we use water can tell a lot about our culture and religion. Our body as well as our soul needs water to keep living.

Water is life; every wonder is reflected by water. We entered the world in a burst of liquid and when we die we are washed and buried in a moist floor. Water is a representation of life and without water the wonders of the world could not be reflected. All around us we can see how water influences our world. Creek banks, ponds, waterfalls, droplets in our garden; water is everywhere. The same water that the dinosaurs drank millions of years ago falls from the sky today. The Earth is as moist as it was many years ago. We can see how water represents the cycle of life.

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The body thirsts and without water nobody can live at all. Water is very important in our diet because it regulates our temperature. People who exercise a lot have the need to drink more liquid in order to regulate temperature. Another role of water in our body is to transport oxygen and nutrients through the blood. Our body needs water in order to survive. When we drink water our body is able to conduce chemical reactions and have lubrication of joints. Besides, water gives cells their shape and stability. If we did not drink water who would do its important roles? Not only does our body thirst but our spirit too.

Water is sacred because it is all around us, it keeps us alive and because for some it is actually a blessing. Water represents many religious rituals and traditions. Babylonians believed in a world made from a mixture of fresh and salt water. Pima Indians believe Mother Earth was introduced by a drop of water. The catastrophic flood that destroys a civilization is also a model related to water and part of Hebrew, Greek, and Aztec cultures. The Maya believed natural wells led to the underworld. Blessed water can be found in River Jordan, the wondrous spring at Lourdes, a Shinto ceremony in Japan or a simple baptism in Greece. All around the world our cultures are represented by the way we use the sacred water.

Traveling the world can show you the many ways different cultures relate to water. The relationship of a group of people with water can vary from offerings alongside the sacred Ganges in India to waterfall rituals in Japan, Laos, and Haiti. Water influences our lives. We need to drink water to stay alive, we need water to have spiritual rebirth, and we need water to join the paradise of the world. Water takes an important role in a human being.

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