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Looking for Alaska Essay

The story opens with Miles Halter, the protagonist, leaving his home in Florida to attend a preparatory high school named Culver Creek in Alabama for his junior year. When he arrives at Culver Creek, Miles meets his roommate, Chip Martin. Chip introduces Miles to one of his friends, Alaska Young. Alaska is attractive but emotionally unstable and can be very bipolar. Other than Alaska, Chip introduces him to Takumi. Chip, Alaska and Takumi have been friends since freshman year. On the night of his first day at Culver Creek, Miles is grabbed out of his bed, duct-taped, and tossed into a nearby lake by the “Weekday Warriors”.

After a few days, Alaska and Miles drink, smoke, and do many other things together which eventually made him fall in love with her even though she loves her boyfriend, Jake, and there’s also Lara, the girl Alaska set up with Miles for a date. Chip and Alaska have been planning a pre-prank as a form of revenge for what the Weekday Warriors did to Miles. The following day, they drink, smoke and try to pass the time. When they come back at the end of the weekend, Miles and Chip go with Alaska to her room. Both Chip and Alaska get drunk. Alaska eventually gets sleepy then they all fell asleep.

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In the middle of the night, Alaska wakes up crying telling them she had to go now. Chip and Miles help her to her car even though they had no idea what was happening. The next day, their teacher holds an assembly informing the students of Alaska’s death. Her car crashed into a truck that was turned on its side on the highway making the steering wheel crush her chest. Chip and Miles become devastated. It makes them wonder if they were the ones to blame or not. Miles realizes that what happened didn’t matter anymore because he knows that she forgives him for letting her go and that he’ll always love her in the present tense.

I really liked a lot of things in Looking for Alaska. One was that it had very relatable characters and another was that it had a story that was filled with sense. I could relate to Miles in a few levels in spite of him being a guy. He was awkward in a lot of situations especially when he was with Alaska but he knew how to handle those moments in his special way. I also liked Alaska and Chip’s courage to do a prank that will serve as revenge for what the Weekday Warriors did to Miles.

For me, the story had a ot of sense because it dealt with some real problems of teenagers these days like drinking alcohol and smoking cigarettes. It was straight to the point. I liked how John Green, the author, didn’t put a happy ending because that mainly was what made this book different. The only thing that I didn’t like was how the story went by fast. Honestly, I had a hard time following the story I actually had to read it again from the start. Miles was leaving his home in Florida then the next thing you know he’s out drinking and smoking with a friend of his roommate whom he just met.

Things were happening fast, yes, but at least the story didn’t go downhill. Now what I could’ve changed was Alaska’s death. I didn’t understand why she had to die. Her death was too tragic for me. I was affected both emotionally and physically. I really had a hard time moving on that I couldn’t sleep for three days. She could’ve gone to another state and change her identity then her friends will come looking for her and everyone would be happy. But no, John Green decided to kill her and make us, his readers, suffer Alaska’s death which makes the whole story refreshing and different from the others.

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