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Loneliness in Of Mice and Men Essay

Loneliness is a feeling that many people have had to deal no matter who they are. A person does not have to be alone to feel lonely. Most people who are lonely have people around them who care about them, but they do not feel like they do. Of Mice and Men has very good examples of loneliness. The best examples are Curley’s wife and Crooks because they are both physically and mentally lonely. One other example of loneliness is Lennie and how his disability makes him mentally lonely. Many people in Of Mice and Men are lonely whether they show it or not, so the main theme of, Of Mice and Men was loneliness.

The person that shows their loneliness the most in this novella is Curley’s Wife. She tries to do everything she can to make friends with any of the guys even if that means she has to act like a little bit of a “tart”. She eventually gets to talk to Lennie all alone in the barn and she explains her story of how lonely she really is. Her mom kept stopping her from getting a good job so she married Curley to get out of her mother’s house. Even though she did not love him she acted like she did and moved in with him.

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With him not loving her and her not loving him her house was lonely for her and whenever she tried to talk to the guys they would always say something smart or just ignore her. Though when she got Lennie alone she spilled everything and tried to be friends with him and by doing this Lennie got a little to aggressive and accidentally killed her. Therefore her loneliness killed her.

The next person in the novella that shows their loneliness the most is Crooks. Even though he does not show it too much he really showed it when Lennie came into the barn nd started talking to him. He explained how when he grew up how him and his family were close, but now they are separated. Also, he asks Lennie how he would feel if George never came back trying to make him feel the pain he has. Lennie didn’t understand and got mad so crooks stopped trying to explain.

Another reason Crooks felt lonely is because the time setting of this book is during the great depression and he is a black man so he has to sleep in the barn and he is allowed to do nothing with the white men. He’s also the only lack guy on the ranch in Soledad, so he really is all alone. One other person who may feel alone in this novella is Lennie. He does not show it much, but there are some points when it may show through. Like whenever George got mad at him he would hope George would not leave him. Also, with his disability nobody relates to him. That could possibly be why Crooks and Curley’s wife also see it a little bit because they both decided to talk to Lennie. They might have done this because they wanted to talk to someone who might understand lonely a little bit.

In conclusion many people in Of Mice and Men were lonely some not even showing it, and loneliness was the main theme. Growing up in a place like this where there is so much discrimination and a lack of equality you kind of expect a lot people to feel lonely. With Lennie and his disability, Curley’s wife not being loved, and Crooks not having any friends or family Of Mice and Men was just very lonely. Sometimes people may believe that even George felt lonely because he had a best friend who did not understand him.

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