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Life is not a rehearsal Essay

I am the most boring person I know, I do the most tedious things, I lead the dreariest life. My life is like a bittersweet symphony like the words to a sad song full of empty lyrics with no meaning, my life is a pointless existence so it seems, but merely to exist is not enough life must have a purpose, a meaning, a reason for being here, life must encompass dreams of aspiration and hope.

When I was young I used to be so hard working, I lived to a different set of rules and values, life was so obscene, life was hard, but even though, I knew what goals I wanted to obtain and I knew what I wanted to aspire to be. I had a role model to model my young self on, not perfect in many ways but to me my father was the greatest man who ever walked the earth.

The hardship of his death and the circumstances involving it made me look at things from a new perspective, a sudden clarity of life was gained and the ability to read it, it was like an awakening to something different that always lay dormant inside me. I started to adhere to a new set of regulations and confines one’s where they didn’t exist one’s where I could make my own life what I wanted it to be, but what if what I wanted in life was to more than just simply exist? It might sound pretentious but it’s true, all I want in life is to make a difference to the way people think, I want to help shape a generation, I want to respect in what I do, and I need to be needed.

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Surrounded by fake friends and a few that remain true I live my life in what seems to be a pointless existence but in truth its just a void that one day will be filled, the only things that matter to me anymore are the people I hold close they will always matter, and my music, the songs I write and the thoughts I have can never be taken off me, it holds my dreams and aspirations which are in great abundance, my mind is my sanctuary where everything outside becomes irrelevant, apart from the people who are close to me it is the one thing I am most afraid of loosing.

My mind is my way of escaping, I escape through music when I feel alone I’ll play

My guitar or I’ll slip into a c.d. there I can drift away into another world, a surreal world where the burden and emotion of life is expressed by somebody else lessening the weight of the world on my shoulders showing me that life can always be worse so its best to make the most of what you have even if what u have is not much.

Life is wonderful but life and existence with no meaning is pointless, to exist for the sake of existing is an awful squander, everybody has potential do something worthwhile with there life, to enjoy the moment and to not live a life of emptiness confined by rules and boundaries, everybody has something special to them, a aspiration or dream they can try to achieve with there life even if its all in vain if you enjoy doing something its worth doing, life is not a rehearsal its not something u can practise to be good at so you wont make any mistakes, it is not something you can defend against so you wont get hurt, life is an experience to be lived something to be treasured and not forsaken.

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