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Leisure and Recreation industry Assignment

In the Leisure and Recreation industry, there are different components which organisations are structured under. First of all, they are structured under one of the three following Sectors:

Private: Private organisations are all commercial Companies. There sole aim is to make a profit from the services and products in which they provide. If the organisation does not continue to do well they are in danger of going out of business. The Most common activities of the private sector in the leisure and recreation industry take place in, Retail sales, Catering and accommodation, entertainment, Home-Based leisure and Health and Fitness.

Examples of leisure organisations in the private sector, would be Virgin, Sony and Ladbroke. These companies are all household names in the United Kingdom.

Public: The services that the public sector provides for the public is Mainly paid for by the Government. The Public sector is not a profit-making venture. One of the main roles of the public sector is to provide services to the general public. An example would be the provision of free or low cost sporting facilities such as local playing fields and swimming pools.

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Voluntary: Many Voluntary organisations ranging from national bodies to small local groups exist across the UK. The Voluntary sector is a major provider of Leisure opportunities in the UK including, Youth and community groups, Sports clubs and associations, Conservation and heritage groups, social club and arts associations. Most of the people who work in this sector are not paid for what they do and all money to support these activities has to be raised by fund raising.

The Leisure and Recreation industry is split up in six different components. These six components are:

* Arts and Entertainment

* Sports and physical recreation

* Heritage attractions

* Countryside recreation

* Home Based Leisure

* Catering

Arts and Entertainment:

This component of the Leisure industry covers a large range of activities, including Pubs and Social Clubs to Museums and art Galleries.




Virgin Cinema

Barbican Centre

National Theatre

London Palladium


Amateur music and drama Groups

Madame Tussauds

County Councils

Yates Wine lodge

Covent Garden

Mecca Bingo Halls

Alton Towers

Legoland Windsor

Chessington world of adventures

Earl’s Court

Sports and physical recreation:

This component also covers a large range of facilities, Products, services and activities. In the Leisure and recreation industry there is a huge range of sport and physical recreation activities available to Individuals. The Interest in healthy lifestyle has had a major influence on Sports participation and the Leisure and Recreation industry. Example of the many facilities used for sport activities are Sports Centres, Leisure Centre’s, Ice rinks, Squash courts and Fitness centres. Also used are specially constructed outdoor facilities, such as Athletics Tracks, Golf Courses and artificial playing pitches.

Swimming is also a very popular activity. Most recreational Swimming takes place in Indoor pools which are all provided by the public sector. In Recent years many new style leisure pools have developed including such things as Flumes, Chutes and water rapids.

Another popular activity is Visiting a Sports centre. There are now over 2,500 around the country. Sports Centres usually include a main sports hall with changing facilities. Sometimes also available are specialist facilities such as tennis courts, Squash courts, Weights rooms and Bars and Cafes.




Nike, Adidas and Reebok

Local Authority sports centres

YMCA Centres


Local Authority Pools, Pools in Hotels

British Olympic Committee

William Hill

Uk sport

Local Sports clubs

Sports Spectating

Sport England

National Governing body coaching programmes

David Lloyd Leisure centres

Local authority Schemes in sports participation

Clearview Leisure centre

Hotel Leisure clubs

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