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The legalization of abortion in Portugal Essay

Good morning everyone! I am Sruti Thakrar and I am here to speak about the legalization of abortion in Portugal. There are many people who think that abortion is should not be legalized, but I am sure that I will convince you to change your opinion.

First of all, a mother should always have the right to choose what she wants to do with the baby. If she does not have the maturity, responsibility and desire to raise the baby, she should not be allowed to have it in the first place. Have you imagined what type of mother she would be? The baby will grow without love, care and affection. 85% the baby will be badly treated also.

Abortion is only done when the life is still a foetus. Numerous people say that “You wouldn’t like it if they killed you!” but this is not quite true! If someone killed anyone of you now, you would suffer and feel the pain however a foetus does not have feelings and does not endure what a fully developed baby or person would suffer. Someone I know said to me that “abortion is to take life off.” A foetus is still not a life, does not have feelings, nervous system or sensations.

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Moreover, if abortion is not authorized, then many women will have it done illegally. Facts tell us that 10000 abortions are done illegally each year, and the number has been increasing each year. If abortions are being done illegally, then why doesn’t the government let it be legal? A teenage girl was found dead, with a needle through her stomach. Apparently she wanted an abortion and she was not allowed, therefore she tried to do it herself. This is one case in many that girls die for an abortion.

There are some cases in Portugal that abortion is allowed. In the case of rape or within 12 days of pregnancy and the foetus is deficient. What if the woman does not know that she is pregnant? Suppose she knows she’s pregnant, and she has been told that everything is alright with her. After a period of time, how will she feel when she gets to know that her baby is deficient? It will be considered illegal if she has an abortion after 12 days of pregnancy! Many diagnoses cannot be done in an early stage of pregnancy, so the mother will only get aware of the fact that her baby is deficient after a long time.

Any normal person will know that money is needed to raise a child. Imagine that the mother does not have economic conditions to raise the baby? Many people argue that “The mother does not need to take care of the baby; it can be given to an orphanage.” This can be done, but how will the baby feel when it gets to know about this? Mr T.K Wilson from an orphanage said that: “Only 10% of the children here get a promising future.” A mother will not want this for her child. It is preferable to die, rather than having a terrible life, without anyone to take care of you!

Support to the mother (who is pregnant) is fundamental. If the mother does not have a family or does not have friends to help her when she is pregnant, or when she delivers the baby, she will not be able to raise the child. Many children in the world have been raised without a father, but in these cases, the mother has the support of her family and friends. What if a mother does not have anything at all? No money, no friends, no family, nothing! How will she raise a child in this state?

Nearly all countries are starting to realize that having or not having a baby is the choice of a woman. Why is the government making the decisions for the women? What do they know about how a mother feels and what a mother passes through while she is pregnant? Portugal is one of the only counties in Europe that does not legalize the abortion. For this and for many other reasons, it does not develop!

Abortion is a very personal decision to take. Nothing should be stopping a woman to decide on her private life. All these reasons are strong enough for the Portuguese government to legalize the abortion. I am sure I have convinced all of you to be in favour of abortion. Thankyou for having been such a wonderful audience!

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