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Leaving Essay

Two years ago I moved house from Wednesbury to Walsall. I was very nervous, as I had to make a new life for my self. I had to make new friends at a new school and that scared the living day lights out of me. Let me take you back to when I first found out that we were moving. “Ring, Ring”! My alarm just went off it was 7’o clock, I had to get ready for school well at least I thought I did, as I suddenly remembered that it was a Saturday. I was devastated the only time in the week I got to have a lie in was on a Saturday, the reason for this was on Sundays I would have a football mach with my local soccer team Park hill boys.

I knew I couldn’t go back to sleep so I went down stairs to watch some television but to my surprise it had gone. I shouted my mother and she said, “It’s gone”. “It’s gone where” I replied. “To the new house in Walsall” she said. “Could you repeat that”? I said. “Yes, the new house” she said it as if I had known about it for months. “A house that people live in” I said in a startled manner. “Yes, The house we are going to live in”. At this point I took three deep breaths and was about to explode when I ran up stairs into my bedroom and played my music full blast to drown out the noise of my crying.

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I was devastated my parents hadn’t even asked for my opinion let alone if I wanted to move there. My mother came in and started to mother me wiping away my tears and stroking my face. She started saying that it was for the best we moved to Walsall, as we would be closer to our relatives. I asked her “why did you just tell me now” she said, “it was intended to be a surprise, but obviously it wasn’t, sorry”. “Apology accepted” I said but only on the grounds that it was intended to be surprise. Then I started asking about my bedroom if it was big or did it have an en suit bathroom. She said that its big but has not got an en suit bathroom.

At this point I was feeling a bit better but, still annoyed with her about telling me we were moving a day before we were to move. For the rest of that day my parents and I packed away our clothes and furniture in to the 2 big lorry’s. The next day I woke up early and went to play a soccer match with my local soccer team we won four goals to nil. After the match we all went back to a pub and talked about the soccer. I told the manager that it was my last day at the soccer team he said he was sad to see me go but that’s life you win some you lose some and in this case we have lost one of our big players.

He made an announcement to the rest of the team and everyone was very sad to see me go, one of my friends was so upset that he started to sniffle and started crying on my shoulder and hugging me. He said, “Can I visit your house” I said, “Yes when ever you’re in the area”. He soon cheered up and was in the party spirit. That day my friends and I partied like it was the start of the next millennium. Later my parents came to pick me up I was really exited to see my new house but on the other hand I was really sad to leave my friends.

That’s when it hit me I would have had to change school as well. I was nearly in tears again, but I asked my parents if I had to change school the next day which was Monday or at the end of the year? Luckily the end of the year was not too far away and my mother had booked some days off work up until then to sort out the house and she could drop me off at school so they said “no you can go to this school until the end of this year”. I was sad to go but I knew it was for the best as once my mother started work there was nobody to drop me off at school.

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