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Learning Through Technology Assignment

Technology is something that has greatly progressed in a matter of a decade or so, allowing students to use it as a source of education. The recent technological advances in society supply students with many tools such as internet, cell phones, Ipods, computers, and laptops, etc. Today millions of students depend on some sort of technological source as a way to study. Technology has improved student learning because it increases test scores by providing quick access to information and serves as a virtual tutor. For the vast majority of the younger generation, technology is a basic necessity of life.

From cell phones to Ipods to computers and internet, technology has always been a part of their life. Modern day technology has permitted many schools to integrate technology into the classroom. In fact, a survey completed by Pew Internet & American Life Project shows that 21 million youth from age twelve to seventeen use the internet and 78% of those 21 million use the internet at school (Critical Issue). Integration of technology in the classroom helps the student’s academic learning, thus improving test scores.

Because students have access to technology in the classroom, they are more willing to complete their work because it can serve as a tutor and gove individualized instruction for all types of learners. Students also have quick access information all over the world when technology is of essence in the classroom. “In an eight-year longitudinal study of SAT-I performance at New Hampshire’s Brewster Academy, students participating in the technology-integrated school-reform efforts demonstrated average increases in 94 points in combined SAT I performance over students who participated in the traditional school experience” (Burchett 47).

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When technology was present, the students were able to use the sources available to improve their learning, later showing up in their SAT I scores. Like this study shows, most students will show improved test scores when technology is available, thus, improving their overall learning skills. Improved learning skills are a common result of quick access of information via internet. People are capable of accessing information almost immediately. Minutes after something happens, people across the world can have information about it. In such a quick manner students are able to research many topics and find answers to complete their school work.

Using the internet is a time saver and is essential in education. Research can be done in a matter of minutes improving student education. Technology in the classroom allows students at different academic levels to excel at their own pace by serving as a virtual tutor. Computers and computer programs are designed to help students of all academic levels. “Technology allows students to receive instruction that is individualized to their level of understanding” (3 Benefits). Because technology is like a virtual tutor, all students are allowed to move at their own pace and without feeling frustrated.

It allows gifted student to excel at a faster pace and struggling students to excel at a slower pace. This also increases student learning by being a tutor for students allowing them to work at a pace in which they can excel the highest at. The technological advances have improved student academic learning skills. It increases test scores because it provides quick and easy access to information around the world and is a virtual tutor for students. The speed of the internet is so fast that it takes a matter of a couple minutes to research information that would normally take a minimum of a couple hours to read ten years ago.

Because students are capable of finding information so quick, they are able to complete many assignments in a short period of time. Also, technology serves as a virtual tutor to students giving them individualized instruction that allows them to work and excel at their own pace. In conclusion, technology in the classroom improves student learning because it raises test scores by giving specialized instruction to students and providing quick access to information around the world.

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