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Learning Style Essay

People have different learning style. The V. A. R. K learning style consists of four different types of learning. The visual, aural, read-write, kinesthetic and the combination of the different study strategies called the multimodal strategies. In order for a person to know what their learning strategy is, he should take the V. A. R. K questionnaire. A visual learner is a person who learns best by using books with pictures, slides, posters, diagrams, flow charts, graphs, using different colors and highlighters. An aural learner is a person who learns best by listening.

These people tend to attend classes, discussions and tutorial. They use a tape recorder to record and listen to the lectures later. A Kinesthetic learning uses all their senses. People who fall into this style of learning enjoy going on field trips, lectures and like a hands-on approach. Their hobbies include collecting rocks, plants, shells, and grasses. Read-write learner learns best by using the dictionary; this person likes handouts, textbooks, headings, and list. These people like going to the library and love to read books and writing essays.

A multimodal learner is a person who qualifies as being in many different learning style groups. The numbers might be similar in the different group. A person might score 5 in visual and a 6 in aural. Sixty percent of the population falls within that group. This group has a variety of learning style, meaning a person can be a visual and a kinesthetic or a Visual and Aural. This writer preferred learning style is a visual learner. The reason why this learning style fits this writer best is because this writer tends to use different color highlighters and pens when taking notes of end of shift report.

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This writer also likes to draw diagrams, pictures and graphs. When this writer was in nursing school they used different colored pens to take notes and used highlighter to highlight important information on slides and handouts. This writer still uses highlighters and prefers to use markers to highlight important information that the writer wants to stand out. Being a visual learner this writer learns best from looking at pictures, slides, videos, handouts, charts and graphs. This writer prefers to sit at the front of the class to be able to see the board when the teacher is illustrating a lecture.

As a visual learner this writer wants to be able to read the instructions or the text in order to increase understanding of the materials. As a kinesthetic learner this writer likes to be able to demonstrate in order to remember. In order to be successful in school a multimodal learner needs to know what areas is their strength. A person who scores higher as a visual learner needs to know that they need to focus on using that learning style to be successful in their career. In the V. A. R. K learning strategies the scored showed that this writer was a multimodal.

Demonstration works best for this writer especially in areas where hands-on training is required. This writer remembers information presented if this writer is able to demonstrate. This writer has always used highlighter, graphs, hand out and slides. This writer doesn’t feel the need to change any study strategies. This writer feels like in order to be successful in this writer needs to continue with this writer previous study habits. V. A. R. K learning strategy was initiated to describe four different learning styles and how individuals are able to process information.

The V. A. R. K learning strategy was founded by Neil Fleming in 1987. He understands that individuals have different learning needs and in order to process information the needs must be met. Some student’s process information by reading, therefore these students needs to be able to given the opportunity to do so. Others process the information by listening. These students need to be able to use a recorder in order to process this information. There are some groups of student who learn best by reading, writing, listening and demonstrating.

These individual make up sixty percent of the learning strategies. A person who knows their learning style will be able to use techniques that suit them. This will help improve how well that person will be able to use that skill and be successful in their career. According to the V. A. R. K learning strategies this writer’s result are as follows. Visual nine, Aural one, Read write two, and Kinesthetic eight. This writer feels that by doing this exercise this writer was able to see other areas of weaknesses and work towards improving these areas.

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