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Which leader has the best idea for peace at the Treaty of Versailes Assignment

If we are talking about which leader’s ideas is the best for peace, I’ll choose Woodrow Wilson (USA). He’s an idealist. He made for peace 14 points. And all of those 14 points are really and really just for peace. There’s nothing about punishment, not as same as Georges Clemenceau’s, who’s absolutely opposite. Woodrow Wilson wants peace, he doesn’t want any war or any punishment, which will reach the revenge. He thought about the ideas for peace very carefully and there are really many very good points. For example: no secret treaties, free access to the seas, free trades and so on. But most of his points weren’t successful, because Clemenceau and the citizens of France wanted to pay Germany back as what they did to France.

Which leader has the worst idea for peace?

Of course, when we are talking about which leader has the worst ideas for peace, it might be Georges Clemenceau. It’s not just the leader’s ideas. It’s the citizens’ feeling toward Germany too. The Germans had twice invaded his country, so he has to make sure that Germans won’t do it again. French President even wanted Germany to break up into small states, but Clemenceau was sure, that Britain and USA wouldn’t agree. They saw the treaty not as a peace treaty, but the chance to punish Germany. And so their ideas for peace were all very cruel and made Germans to revenge in later in the 2nd World War.

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My ideas

If I’m a number of the treaty, I’ll be probably quite as same as David Lloyd George (Britain). I like Woodrow Wilson’s ideas, which can really make a very good peace, but I also like some of the points of Georges Clemenceau’s ideas.

I think Germany has to be punished, but not as hard as what Clemenceau said. It’s as same as when a little child did a mistake, his parents will give him a little punishment, in order to make sure that he’ll remember that what he did is not correct and that he won’t do it again, but the punishment can’t be too big, because the little child will hate his parents and the relationship will be bad. Which is as same as this situation. If you punish Germany very hard, then they would like to revenge and there will be cycle between wars.

The peace is very important too. The 14 points of peace, which Woodrow Wilson wrote, are really very good. Those 14 points are not just for Germany but also for other countries, for our world and our life. To make sure that there won’t be any war again, that nobody will fight for seas, lands and so on.

Everybody were born with selfish, they want to get what they want. It’s as same as for Britain and France. Nobody wants to lose anything from their country and want to get what they think that belong to them and perhaps more. They didn’t agree mostly of Wilson’s 14 points for the peace, it’s also because they are selfish, for example. Britain didn’t agree with the 2nd point of Wilson’s 14 points, which is ‘free access to the seas in peacetime or war time’. He thought that Britain’s safety depended on controlling the seas.

If everybody can think things easily, don’t think just about bad side, but also about good side of things and people, the world will be better. If the leaders and citizens of our world can learn how to forgive people and think about better life and future, our life will be more beautiful. But it will never happen.

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