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Laptop Essay

A laptop is a small personal computer designed for a mobile use. A laptop brings together all of the components of a desktop computer, including a monitor, a keyboard, a touchpad and a battery into a single portable piece of equipment. The battery can be recharged from a plug socket and it lasts for hours. Laptops are great for people who work away from home so they can keep up with emails and work whilst on the move e.g. trains. Laptops are predicted to sell better than desktop computers in 2009 due to it being so small and portable with the same standards of performance as a desktop.

How it works

Most laptops use the flip-out form to make it smaller and to protect the keyboard and touchpad when it is closed. It works exactly the same as a normal computer but it is smaller and therefore portable. The laptop was originally invented for business people on the move and was very expensive but since then it has become more and more reasonably priced.

Uses at work

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The laptop was made for portability and it definitely does that, you can take a laptop with you around the work place so you don’t have to keep coming back to your desktop computer. It makes it easy to email or be emailed, play games or work in general. If my dad is at work on his laptop he can send work to his home computer and then save it and print it off. He can also use his laptop for research at work when he is not near his computer so he can quickly find something out to help him in a meeting.


My dad’s laptop is massively important to him when he is working away from home or on the move because of its many advantages. Firstly it is extremely small and becomes even smaller once it is folded down meaning he can take it anywhere in a regular every day bag without it being noticed. Its battery is also very superior so it can run high quality movies or video games without affecting the battery life much. Lastly it is very easy to use as it is very similar to a desktop computer apart from the touch pad but you can plug in a mouse if you are not very good at using a touch pad.


The first disadvantage of the laptop is that the screen is small than a desktop, this means that it will ether have to scale down text and pictures or show less on the screen. This could be a difficulty because you might not be able to see a whole text and you might end up missing things. The next disadvantage is that it is not always easy to recharge, it may last for a reasonably long time before needing to be recharged but if you are not near a mains socket you will not be able to continue without finding a socket and leaving it to charge for a while. The last disadvantage is that it is easily broken due to it having lots of delicate circuits in it. If it was dropped it is most likely that something would break somewhere.


My dad uses his laptop countless times every day for hours at work and at home. If he did not have it he would find it a lot harder to complete his work on the move or when he does work and at home and needs to take it into work the following day. My dad loves his laptop as it is so portable, reliable, rechargeable, light and powerful. It has all the latest technology easily accessible by downloading things onto it making it the ultimate companion for working away from home.

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