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King Edward the First Essay

Our forces have united once again to take down our mighty enemy King Edward the First. King Edward was born in 7th of June in 1239. His birth took place at Westminster, United Kingdom. We are here to take down he’s most deadly castle. The Beaumaris!

Details of castle

The Castle is located at Castle St, Beaumaris, UK. It was built as part of Edward I’s campaign to conquer the north of Wales after 1282. Plans were probably first made to construct the castle in 1284. More than 50 000 Pounds were used in the making of this castle.

Motive for attack

The motive of this attack is because of the lack of respect given to our king(Sir Justin 1st), and for robbery of money stolen by king Edwards knights. King Edward the First has also displayed false testimony to other kings about our laws in ways which make other kings go against us. That’s why I have been put in charge (Sir Jon Cena)

Information About the 2 forces

King Edward the First has 15000 men. 12500 were foot soldiers and 2500 were horsemen. Sir Justin was prepared and had 16000 men. These included 3000 archer man, 4000 horsemen and 9000 foot soldiers.

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Horsemen Foot soldiers Archer men

Strategy of attack

The strategy of attack will be to bring in 100 archers to attack the draw bridge which will bring more attention to the draw bridge but will not take all soldiers to go there. Next when all sides are weakened a little, our catapults will then have the advantage to wipe out the remaining soldiers behind the barrier. Our soldiers will then need to climb a whopping 30 m high wall. As they are in, the Soldiers from the second barrier will try to take down the unarmed, tired soldiers inside, leaving the inside of the castle and the king defenceless. When most soldiers are being interrupted then the archer towers from King Edwards castle will be activated, killing more than 1000 archer men.

All soldiers will be deployed except the horsemen. When all the soldiers are deployed the draw bridge will become defenceless, leaving the archer tower the only defence. Archer men will then destroy the archer towers. If they are unable to do so then Plan B will be activated. Plan B will be the remaining soldiers will climb the wall and kill the soldiers from behind. We will have approximately 500-1000 men still alive while king Edwards 1st all defences are destroyed and we will destroy the inside of the castle with catapults. Victory is mine!


The weapons used on mainly both sides will include bow and arrows, swords, Mace, axes and flails. Extra items used by us will be catapults. The bow and arrow were used together to sling the arrow through the air trying to inject someone with it and kill them. Axes and Maces were more powerful then swords but were heavier. The axes and maces could be thrown and could kill someone in one hit.

The Defences

The castles Defences include a 3 m thick wall, archer towers, catapults, soldiers guarding inside and out.

Strategy and outcome

Strategy will be to camouflage in the open forest located around the castle and slowly move closer and attack from all corners. The outcome of this battle will be to get back what belonged to us and keep the kings head as a trophy.

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