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Khuda Kay Leay Essay

After “Khuda Kay Leay” the movie which was moving around the image of Muslims in world and the terrorism Shoaib Mansoor shifted his creations to another issue but again a negative one. I watched this movie and I wasn’t able to judge whether to say I loved it or to tell the controversial side of it. Well introducing the main characters who took this movie over the box office, the cast was Atif Aslam, Iman Ali, Mahira Khan, Humaima Malick, Shafqat Cheema, Manzar Sehbai, Zaib Rehman and Amr Kashmiri.

This movie has guts to expose one of the bitter realities prevailing in this society. Mansoor has targeted a specific society of Pakistan and a specific troupe which is of course the Pathans. The main reason for the success of this movie was the cast and its music. Its songs were being played and discussed everywhere. Now coming towards the story of this film, Humaima was playing the main role. She was being sentenced to be hanged due to a murder charge on her. In this movie as her last wish she was telling her story to the media of her extremist father.

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He did not believe in birth control and thought that it was a divine thing to do so he had 8 daughters, he desired for a son but his last child turned out as a homosexual. His son wasn’t allowed to go out of the house and even he put a lot of restrictions on his daughters. He was not so rich and his family was prevailing from economic problems. He hated his children and took them as a great disgrace to him. With the help of her neighbor Humaima somehow managed to send her brother out for work at a truck station.

Her brother Saif was really a good artist and he got job as a truck artist. One day Saif at work was assaulted and raped. His father got images of his son acting like a homosexual. He murdered him. A lot of problems rose with it. Police was enquiring, his respect was being threatened and to avoid this he went to Shafqat Cheema and agreed to do work for him. Cheema demanded him to give birth to a girl and give it to him and in return he will get enough amount of money to get rid of his all troubles. He had sexual relations with Iman Ali who was a tawaif.

Mahira Khan his daughter was in love with Atif Aslam but his father refused for their marriage on religious grounds. With the help of others they managed to marry and run away. Humaima’s family was always threatened by her father with the excuse of religion or by force. Iman Ali then gave birth to a girl. Father feels bad and tried to run away with her but he failed. Iman Ali somehow managed to leave the baby girl at his place which opened all the secrets in front of father’s family. Shafqat Cheema came to his home to take the girl back so the father tried to kill her and to save the child Humaima killed her.

There was a journalist who tried to save Humaima, she called several bureaucrats to request president to delay her punishment but they were afraid to wake up president from sleep. Humaima was hanged finally but she left few questions behind one of them was “When you can’t feed your children, why you give birth to them? ” The dialogues were presented in a very strong manner by the actors. The performance of Manzar Sehbai was remarkable. This movie slowly vanished from the screen because of the controversies it faced due to the sensitive topics discussed related to religion. After message was conveyed to the audience.

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